Ninja Ransomware

What is Ninja Ransomware?

Ninja Ransomware is one of the most annoying and disturbing types of computer infections out there. It is a ransomware program, and as such it demands that the infected user paid a ransom fee in order to decrypt her files. There are several types of ransomware infections, and this malicious program is the straightforward type that does not try to hide the fact it is a computer infection. What’s more, the program encrypts your most important files and says that you can only get them back if you pay up. Do not succumb to these threats and remove Ninja Ransomware from your system immediately.test

Where does Ninja Ransomware come from?

This malicious infection targets mostly computer users in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries. On the other hand, if you frequent the Russian part of the Internet, you might get infected with Ninja Ransomware as well. To avoid such infections, it is important that you stay away from unfamiliar sites and pages that offer you to download something or spam you with supposedly amazing commercial offers.

Ninja Ransomware might as well come in a software bundle with some adware or freeware application, or you might have initiated the ransomware download accidentally when you opened an associated website or clicked a random pop-up. The bottom line is; you need to be responsible for your system’s security when you browse the Internet because the likes of Ninja Ransomware are always ready to attack you.

What does Ninja Ransomware do?

As mentioned above, this ransomware infection encrypts your files. During our tests, we have found that Ninja Ransomware supports main file types, including .mp3, .jpg, .txt, .rtf, .7Z, and so on. This means that once this program enters your computer, it virtually blocks you from accessing most of your files. That is definitely alarming and extremely annoying, but you should not be so hasty as to go and do whatever the people behind this infection ask you to do.

If you speak Russian, you will surely have an idea what the hackers want from you because Ninja Ransomware displays the following notification on your screen once the infection takes place:

Your files are encoded, if you want to get them back, send one encoded file to this address:

ATTENTION!!! You have 1 week to write an email for me, once the time is over, it will be impossible to decrypt!!!!

The cyber criminals sure make it sound very urgent, but please bear in mind that even if you pay the ransom fee, there is no guarantee that you will receive the decryption key. In fact, the program might continue terrorizing you, and your files will remain encrypted with the .cbf file extension at the end of each filename.

How do I remove Ninja Ransomware?

Unless you are an experienced computer user, and you work with the Windows Registry on a daily basis, you should not attempt the manual Ninja Ransomware removal. Please invest in a legitimate antispyware tool that would terminate the ransomware for you automatically.

As for your files, you should seriously consider backing them up on an external drive or a virtual cloud storage. You may want to address professionals for the file decryption, as there are quite a few decryption tools out there on the Internet. If you need any assistance with securing your system’s safety, please leave us a comment below.

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