What is mwdefender.exe?

If you have installed the fake security program Internet Security or Internet Security Pro, it is likely that you are familiar with mwdefender.exe, a malicious process responsible for the fake system scans, security alerts, and other system malfunctions. It is crucial to remove mwdefender.exe from the PC; otherwise, you will constantly be provided with pop-up warning encouraging you to activate or register the application to have various non-existing computer threats removed. Ignore the warnings saying that a Trojan infection has been detected, or that your personal data is at risk. The only risk is mwdefender.exe, or the so-called rogue anti-virus program, which should be eliminated from the computer once detected.

How does mwdefender.exe infect the PC?

Mwdefender.exe penetrates into the system without the user’s permission. Usually, a drive-by download is acquired from insecure websites promoting free files or programs. Moreover, mwdefender.exe may access the system via links in spam emails and other corrupted clickable contents. Once present on a PC, the fraudulent program attempts to deceive the computer user into thinking that the machine is heavily infected. Even though mwdefender.exe gets to the system easily, you may think that it is impossible to remove it as it cannot be uninstalled through the Control Panel.

How to remove mwdefender.exe?

Removal of mwdefender.exe means the removal of Internet Security Pro and all the other files that are associated with the threat. It is not enough to stop the process in the Task Manager as all the components of the infection have to be removed.

We recommend that you use a reliable spyware removal tool to terminate the rogue anti-spyware program. Do not hesitate to install SpyHunter if you do not know how to properly manage the settings of the system and manually remove the treacherous application. Our recommend tool will terminate mwdefender.exe and all the threats and processes which impair the overall performance of the PC. If you are still determined to remove mwdefender.exe manually, install its free scanner, which will provide you with the locations of the malicious components. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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