What is minerd.exe?

Minerd.exe is a file which can be detected by your anti-virus program as a Trojan infection. The file does not have its interface, but you may be alerted about its presence through the Task Manager. If you find that the system is sluggish and that minerd.exe is using huge amounts of memory, note that your computer is infected. When you terminate the process, install a spyware removal tool to kill the infection as after the system restart the threat may be renewed.

What does minderd.exe do?

Minerd.exe is installed onto the computer without the user’s approval. The threat alters the registry in order not to be detected by security applications. Moreover, it starts running when Windows starts. Minerd.exe is also known as a malware downloader, or simply Trojan Downloader, which means that the threat may connect to remote servers or corrupted websites and download new computer threats, including worms, keyloggers and other spyware programs, which may dramatically affect the performance of the PC and, of course, steal your sensitive information which should not be available to third parties.

Minerd.exe, also known as Downloader.Agent2.BHTO and Win32/BitCoinMiner.K, creates several files in the AppData folder, which in Windows Vista is usually hidden. We advise you against manual removal of spyware for if you are not certain how a specific malicious infection has to be removed, you may accidentally delete files that are relevant to the performance of the system.

How to remove minderd.exe?

Do not waste your time trying to delete minderd.exe manually as there might be many more malicious threats within the computer. In order to find out what unwanted processes are running within the system, install a reliable spyware removal tool that is capable of malware and spyware removal. We advise using SpyHunter as this application can kill minderd.exe and protect the computer against other computer infections.

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