What is Macromedia.exe?

It may seem that Macromedia.exe is an executable file related to Macromedia flash application. However, the truth is that this file is a CPU miner that generates Bitcoins. Therefore, the file is classified as potentially dangerous application, and it is in your best interest to remove Macromedia.exe from your computer as soon as possible. Although the Bitcoin miner itself does not pose great threat to your system, it can connect to the internet behind your back and download more malware onto your computer. It is possible for Macromedia.exe to download spyware and Trojan infections onto your system, which only adds up to a list of reasons why you should terminate the file.

Where does Macromedia.exe come from?

Some users actually install Macromedia.exe themselves to mine Bitcoins. However, a great number of users download a Bitcoin file unwittingly from corrupted websites. The installation file for Macromedia.exe could be bundled with freeware that is distributed in shareware gaming websites, and thus it is important that you are carefully when you download files from unknown websites. Keep in mind, that you are always just one accidental click away from being infected with malware.

What does Macromedia.exe do?

Just as its category says, Macromedia.exe mines bitcoins that is a crypto-currency that is accepted in trade in many parts of the world. Therefore, your computer may be taken over by a cyber criminal to mine these coins, so that a person behind the infection could make use of them later on. It has been mentioned above that Macromedia.exe does not pose direct threat to your system; nevertheless, it may take up to 70% of your system resources for coin mining, and that would result in an extremely slow computer performance. As a result, you cannot perform a number of tasks, because your computer becomes too slow for it.

How to remove Macromedia.exe?

If you are in doubt whether the Macromedia.exe on your Task Manager running processes list is a malicious program or not, you can always check the file’s MD5. The MD5 for the bitcoin miner Macromedia.exe is 4f5fa484fe5fedc96721912688312f82, and if it is the same as for the file that you have, then you are definitely infected. What is more, you may have other dangerous infections on your PC as well. So run a full scan with SpyHunter free scanner to see whether you are infected with other dangerous malware and then invest in a powerful antimalware program to remove Macromedia.exe from your computer along with other infections for good. Do what is best for your system. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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