Java 7 Security Flaw

There are so many pieces of advice floating around on the Internet these days, that it is of no surprise that users can feel lost and disoriented. The kind of advice that catches your eye at once, however, is the one that says close your browser and stay away from the Internet altogether. Why? Apparently, the latest version of Java 7 has such a serious security flaw that users are warned to disable Java-based browser plug-ins altogether.

However, security experts say that disabling Java plug-ins completely will not solve the problem at once. The issue arises from the well-established hacker practice to exploit Java applications almost immediately as they are released. As a result Oracle Technology Network has been trying to find exploits in Java plug-ins as soon as possible in order to fix them, and prevent computer users from getting infected with malware.

The problem is that security vulnerabilities in Java plug-ins are frequently exploited by various types of malware. For example, Trojan Reveton, that is notorious for distributing Ukash group ransomware infections, makes use of Java vulnerabilities to infect target computers.

The reason why it is not a good idea to completely disable Java plug-ins is that some of the websites might require them to fully load their content. Also, even if Java plug-ins are vulnerable to infections, it is possible to browse the Internet with them, paying a little bit more attention to what kind of sites you open, and what kind of files you download, being careful about opening unfamiliar web pages.

The main idea is that one should not follow blindly pieces of advice given by security specialists. It is important to consider your own environment before applying something that is intended for everyone. It does not imply that you are better than everybody else, but perhaps you frequent an absolutely safe website that will not function properly with the Java plug-in disabled. In short, think before you apply changes to your browser, and consider how the change will impact your overall Internet browsing habits.


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