What is Removal? is an adware server that generates various pop-ups on your computer. It usually affects Google Chrome browser, although it is very likely that there are other installers targeting other browsers as well. Google Chrome usually blocks you from accessing website, because it is considered to be a phishing websites. If you happen to receive an pop-up on your computer, then you need to scan your system for Chrome Helper application and remove it immediately. A full system scan is also highly advisable considering the fact that adware applications and adware helpers always travel in packs.testtest 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Where does come from?

This pop-up server distributes the application that generates commercial advertisements itself. The direct link for Chrome Helper can be accessed via It is obvious that we do not recommend opening this link, because you will end up installing a potentially unwanted and perhaps even dangerous application on your system.

The file that gets installed is signed by Denco Limited, and there are other programs related to this company, including FastFreeConverter. FastFreeConverter is an adware application, so we can make an assumption that pop-ups are mostly displayed with financial objectives in mind.

What does do?

When you install Chrome Helper application onto your computer, it adds to system services that run in the background. One service updates adware, while the other generates pop-ups on Google Chrome web browser. Both of these files connect to and domains behind your back.

When the adware is up and running, adware helper displays a variety of pop-ups. For the most part, the pop-ups are displayed when you click various links and fields on normal websites. Clicking the pop-ups displayed by may eventually redirect you to potentially harmful websites. As a result, you could either experience a personal information leak or disastrous malware infection.

How to remove

Needless to say, that malware infection is a bit far-fetched consequence of having adware on your computer, but a list of adware helpers running in the background of your system is never a good idea. Whenever you are displayed an annoying pop-up, you need to keep in mind that eventually you could get infected with even more adware programs, potentially unwanted applications or browser hijackers. Therefore, you need to remove the likes of from the system immediately.

Chrome Helper which generates pop-ups does not have an entry on the list of installed programs within Control Panel. However, it is possible to remove by click the application’s uninstaller within Program Files directory. Please follow the manual removal instructions below to do that, and once you have gotten rid of, scan the PC with a reliable antimalware tool that would ensure there are no other unwanted applications within your system.

Manual Removal

  1. Open Start Menu and go to Computer/My Computer.
  2. Go to Local Disc (C:) and open Program Files (x86).
  3. Select Common Files and open Chrome Helper folder.
  4. Double-click uninst.exe file and go through the removal procedure.
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