What is iPadian?

Whether you classify iPadian as an advertising-supported program or a potentially unwanted program, the only right place for it is in your Recycle Bin. This suspicious program boasts of interesting features, and the fact that it is free pushes users into downloading it. Well, once installed, this program starts collecting data, injecting advertisements, and introducing you to suspicious third-party links. It is unknown whether this app has not been fully developed yet or if it is no longer supported by its creator, but it is obvious that it is not helpful. This means that the features associated with this app were made up just to get your attention and trick you into installing it. You can learn more about this suspicious program, as well as its removal by reading our report. If you wish to remove iPadian right away, check out the guide below.testtesttest

How does iPadian work?

iPadian is meant to simulate the interface of the mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., and it is likely that the name derives from iPad, a well-known Apple product. If you are a Windows user, you might be interested in what Apple has to offer, but this is not a reason to install this PUP. After all, you cannot expect alternatives to be better than the original product. The worst part is that this iOS simulator is completely useless. As you might have noticed already, the links represented by this simulator do not work, and if they work, they route you to sites that you do not need an iOS simulator at all. Overall, it seems that this program was primarily designed to promote online games that are presented via a strange app store that belongs to iPadian itself. In fact, the PUP and the games promoted might have been created by the same company.

If you play the games represented by this potentially unwanted program, you are likely to face various different problems. For one, you will encounter ads, and Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers do not advise interacting with them. If you get past the suspicious ads, you are greeted with games that either do not work at all or that crash soon after they are loaded. What is more, in most cases, you will simply be redirected to flashgamesplayer.com and introduced to a notification suggesting that the game you want to play is not available or compatible. Needless to say, you will not successfully use iPadian for playing games. Overall, it is unlikely that any of the links, games, or services provided by this potentially unwanted program will work for you, and even if they do, trusting them is risky.

Have you downloaded iPadian from xpadian.com? If you have, it is most likely that you were introduced to other potentially unwanted programs (e.g., MyPCBackup) or adware. Hopefully, you had the chance to refuse additional offers. If you had not, it is wise to employ a malware scanner to inspect them. Obviously, if any of them are classified as threats, delete them ASAP. Unfortunately, some users download this PUP from third parties, and they might package it along with much more malicious pieces. Trojans, keyloggers, tracking cookies, rogues, and all other kinds of malware could slither into your operating system, and you do not want to deal with this kind of a mess. In this case, we strongly believe it is best to utilize automated malware removal software to ensure that all threats corrupting your PC are automatically erased at the same time.

How to remove iPadian

You do not need iPadian in your life because this program is useless. This potentially unwanted program boasts of an ability to simulate iOS, but, in reality, it is only capable of imitating the interface. The links represented via this program are useless, and there is no point in installing this program at all. The removal of this PUP is not too complicated, and you can check out the guide below to learn how to get rid of it yourself. This manual removal guide, of course, is useless when it comes to other threats, and you have to research them separately to learn how to get rid of them. If you do not have time, and you fear that your inexperience will lead to failure, implement automated malware removal software.

Removal Instructions

  1. Delete the iPadian.lnk placed on the Desktop.
  2. Open Explorer (tap Win+E) and delete the iPadianfolder in these directories:
    • %HOMEDRIVE%\Program Files\
    • %HOMEDRIVE%\Program Files (x86)\
    • %HOMEDRIVE%\ProgramData\Application Data\Start Menu\Programs\
  3. Open RUN (tap Win+R) and enter regit.exe to launch Registry Editor.
  4. Delete the iPadiankey in these paths:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Trolltech\OrganizationDefaults\Qt Factory Cache 4.8\com.trolltech.Qt.QImageIOHandlerFactoryInterface:\C:\Program Files (x86)\
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Trolltech\OrganizationDefaults\Qt Plugin Cache 4.8.false\C:\Program Files (x86)\
  5. Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ and delete the key called {0DB90A1C-2C08-429C-8595-FD9848121D28}_is1.
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