Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos Virus

What is Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos Virus?

Dealing with Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos Virus is no fun, and this clandestine ransomware infection can seriously disrupt the running of the entire operating Windows system. It is not difficult to determine whether the infection has taken over the PC because it manifests through the lock-down of the operating system. Unfortunately, the presented screen-locking alert has been developed to create an illusion that your operating system has been paralyzed not by schemers but by the Police. Of course this is a scam; however, many oblivious Windows users are bound to start believing that Interpol, Europol, Direccion General de la Policia y de la Guardia Civil and other reputable organizations expect a fine payment. Instead of wasting you money you should delete Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos Virus. Please continue reading to learn more about the clandestine threat and its removal.test

How does Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos Virus act?

Even though it seems as if the ransomware is the threat that you need to delete, in reality, you have to locate and remove the malicious Urausy Trojan. Note that it is also responsible for Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP) Virus, New Zealand E-Crime Lab Virus, FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei Virus and similar ransomware infections. As soon as these threats are activated, a misleading alert is displayed. Even though interfaces may vary, the text usually remains the same:

¡ATENCIÓN! Su ordenador personal ha sido bloqueado por razones de seguridad vistos los motivos abajo detallados. […]
El monto de su multa es de €100 euros.
La multa puede ser pagada con PaySafeCard o Ukash vouchers.
Una vez pagada la multa y los medios monetarios serán traspasados a la cuenta del estado, su ordenador será desbloqueado en un plazo de 24 horas.

Pay no attention to the promise that your personal computer will be unlocked after you pay the fictitious fine. In reality, there is no way of telling whether your system will be unlocked. Therefore, researchers suggest that you invest part of the requested sum into reliable malware detection/removal and Windows security software instead. So, how should you delete Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos Virus from the PC?

How to remove Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos Virus?

If the malicious ransomware has entered your operating Windows system without any of your knowledge, there is no doubt that the PC is vulnerable to various computer threats. Note that if you delete the threat and fail to ensure full-time Windows protection, soon enough your system could be attacked by yet another ransomware once again. Note that if you live in Spain, you could face La policia ESPAÑOLA Virus and similar ransomware infections. We recommend that you delete Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos Virus and employ Windows security software all at once. SpyHunter is a reliable, well-rounded application which will remove the Trojan running on the PC in no time.

Ransomware Removal

Remove from Windows 8:

  1. Tap the Windows key to access the start screen of the Metro UI.
  2. Launch Internet Explorer.
  3. Visit .
  4. Download SpyHunter.
  5. Install the automatic spyware removal tool to have malware deleted.

Remove from Windows Vista or Windows 7:

  1. Restart the PC.
  2. As soon as BIOS loads up start tapping F8.
  3. Use arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Networking.
  4. Tap Enter to confirm the selection.
  5. Download the automatic spyware remover SpyHunter.
  6. Install the application and use it to delete PC infections.

Remove from Windows XP:

  1. As soon as you restart the PC and BIOS loads up – start tapping F8.
  2. Using arrow keys select Safe Mode with Networking and tap Enter.
  3. Click YES on the Desktop alert.
  4. Go to and download the tool.
  5. Open the Start menu, click RUN, enter msconfig and hit OK.
  6. Click the Startup tab, select Disable All and hit OK.
  7. Restart the computer again but this time do it normally.
  8. Immediately install SpyHunter to find and remove spyware. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos Virus*

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