Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support

What is Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support?

If you get redirected to suspicious web pages asking you to “call for support: 0-800-090-3853,” you probably came across a threat that we call Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support alert. As our specialists at Anti-spyware-101.com noticed the warning might appear at any time when users are browsing. To make matters worse, the pop-up could lock your browser and so disturb your browsing. It may not happen to everyone, but if you did experience it, we would advise you to close the browser through the Task Manager provided you cannot turn it off as usual. Once the browser is restarted, users should eliminate Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support alert at once. These tasks might seem to be too complicated for less experienced users; thus our specialists recommend erasing the threat while looking at the instructions located at the end of this page as they will explain the process in more detail.

Where does Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support come from?

Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support alert might enter the system with doubtful freeware applications or other threats that you may have installed not so long ago. If you visited any torrent or other unreliable file-sharing web pages, you most likely downloaded a setup file bundled with this fake warning. From now on we would advise you to avoid such web pages. Another smart idea would be to acquire a legitimate antimalware tool. It could stop the user from launching malicious bundled setup files and installing suspicious software that might make the system vulnerable. Plus, with such tool, users could perform a full system scan and get rid of threats they may have installed over the time too.

How does Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support work?

There is not much information about this threat, but our researchers managed to find out is that it might redirect you to a particular website at first and only then display the fictitious warning. Apparently, the site’s creators may put the Microsoft logo on it, so users who never encountered anything like Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support alert might believe the warning is actually shown by their system. The pop-up could say viruses or other malicious applications were detected on the PC. It might even tell you that such information as your Facebook login, Credit Card details, Email Account login, and other sensitive data could be stolen unless you call for support through the mentioned telephone number.

Needless to say, the facts stated on the pop-up are not true, and the provided phone number is not related to Microsoft, so calling these fictitious technicians might cause you only trouble. For example, the people pretending to be from the Technical support could say you need to buy particular software or offer to fix the computer for a price. As there is nothing wrong with the computer, you may waste your money on unnecessary products and also accidentally reveal your sensitive data to scammers. Therefore, users should pay no attention to Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support warning and eliminate it as fast as possible.

How to erase Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support?

To remove Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support alert you would have to reset the browser, but since the fictitious warning might lock the application, this task might be rather difficult. If you cannot access settings needed to reset the browser, you should close it with the Task Manager. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, select the affected browser and click the End Task button. Then launch the browser again and follow the instructions given below. To get rid of other possible threats and make sure the fake alert is removed you should check the computer with a reliable security tool too. Once it is installed, just start the scanning process and wait till it is over. Then click the deletion button, and the tool will help you erase all detections at once.

Eliminate Fake Error Sl9dw61 0-800-090-3853 Tech Support pop-up

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+X to open Internet Options.
  2. Choose the Advanced tab.
  3. Press Reset and select Delete personal settings.
  4. Click Reset once more and select Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the Help icon.
  2. Pick Troubleshooting information.
  3. Select Refresh Firefox once.
  4. Then click Refresh Firefox again and choose Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F to access Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Show advanced settings.
  3. Slide below once more, and press Reset Settings.
  4. Select Reset.
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