Facebook Friend Request Virus

What is Facebook Friend Request Virus?

Facebook Friend Request Virus is a malicious infection which is based upon fictitious friend requests on Facebook. If you have an account with this highly popular social networking site you must know that you can add friends and send friend requests to grow your circles. Unfortunately, the good name of the website has been exploited by cyber criminals who are linked to the devious Facebook Message Virus as well. If the malicious infection targets your personal Facebook account, soon enough security backdoors could be exposed which could lead to a number of highly illegal and disruptive actions. Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers warn that the threat is quickly growing and so everyone should be aware of it. Please continue reading to learn how to remove Facebook Friend Request Virus.

How does Facebook Friend Request Virus work?

Just by looking at the name of the infection you can tell how this threat travels. As research shows, cyber crooks can automatically send hundreds of friend requests at a time, and even repeat the task several of times. Needless to say, if you do not know the person who is trying to add you as a friend you should not accept the friend request. In case you click the Accept button, soon enough cyber criminals could start collecting your personal information. What is worst, schemers could use the scam to hijack your personal account and use it for spamming or even malware distribution.

Have you discovered that you cannot access your own Facebook account? Maybe you have discovered that there are messages and wall posts which have been sent from your account; however, you are not responsible for them? Have you witnessed unauthorized redirecting from your account or other suspicious and potentially dangerous activity? If yes – your account has been hijacked, and you can blame only yourself because you have accepted that infectious friend request. What should you do now? There is only one thing you can and should do – remove Facebook Friend Request Virus.

How to remove Facebook Friend Request Virus?

The malicious Facebook Friend Request Virus is a tremendously malicious infection which uses deceptive fake friend requests to open security backdoors and corrupt your operating Windows system and web browsers. As soon as you discover that the clandestine threat has taken over your online accounts you should install a reliable spyware scanner and delete the infection automatically. Have you already removed Facebook Friend Request Virus but your online account is still inaccessible? Contact your friends warning about the issue so that corrupted links sent from your profile would not help schemers hijack the accounts of people you know. Then contact Facebook support to fix this horrendous issue. Please leave a comment below if you have any other questions.

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