What is eTogether?

eTogether website offers browser extensions that fall under the category of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). At the moment, they are compatible only with Google Chrome. Both applications can modify your browser settings, gather information related to you and serve you ads that promote the software's third-party partners' products, services, web pages, etc. The good news is that these extensions can be removed from your browser without much trouble. In fact, our researchers at made the removal instructions that you can find below the article. However, if you want to learn more about these applications, you should continue reading the article. Perhaps, the presented research material will help you avoid similar PUPs in the future.testtesttest

How does eTogether work?

eTogether extensions are known as eTogether Start and Search By eTogether. The first one can change your new tab page or homepage, and the other one replaces your search engine with Once the software settles in your browser, it could gather your personal and anonymous data. This information is required to determine your interests and show you targeted ads that you would be tempted to click. The company that developed these applications might receive advertising revenue from its third-party partners. Obviously, you will not get anything beneficial out of it. On the contrary, as you click third-party ads you could be redirected to potentially malicious web pages. They could promote browser hijackers, different PUPs, adware or even malware.

You should also know that the software’s developers do not guarantee that “any defects will be corrected, or that the product will be free from viruses, “worms,” “Trojan horses” or other harmful properties.” Under these circumstances, you should not risk your systems security. It seems to us that it would be safer to remove these doubtful extensions from the Google Chrome browser. By doing that, you would also avoid annoying or potentially harmful third-party ads.

Where does eTogether come from?

The extensions are available on a dating website, but our researchers say that the site might be not the main source. Users could visit doubtful web pages that show pop-ups or other suspicious advertisements. As you click such content, you could be redirected to a site that might suggest you installing the extensions. Also, a rather huge amount of users already downloaded the applications from Chrome Web Store.

How to remove eTogether?

There are two main solutions that should help you get rid of eTogether extensions. The first one is available with a legitimate antimalware tool that can locate the files related to these applications and erase them. If you have malware or other doubtful applications on your computer, the security tool would eliminate it too. Thus, removing these PUPs with an antimalware tool might be beneficial to your computer in a few ways. Lastly, you can delete the extensions if you follow the instructions below this text. It will show you how to remove eTogether Start and Search By eTogether from Google Chrome.

Erase eTogether applications from browser

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Press ALT+F and click on Settings.
  3. Select More tools and pick Extensions.
  4. Locate eTogether Start, press the trash bin button near it and select Remove.
  5. Find Search By eTogether, again click the trash bin button and press Remove.
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