What is EDealMan?

We know that it might seem that EDealMan is a useful program because it says that it can help users to save some money. It has been observed that it promises to do that by providing users with the latest deals and offers. They will be delivered straight to your browser, which means that you will see advertisements every time you surf the web. Luckily, EDealMan is compatible with Google Chrome only. It means that you will see ads on the websites only if you open them with this browser. We believe that it shows ads simply because the owner of EDealMan gets money for that, so it would be really naive to think that it displays them to help you save money. Do not keep this useless program on the system. You have to get rid of it as soon as possible also if you want to protect your system from harm. As has been observed, EDealMan might expose you to potential threats.testtesttest

How does EDealMan work?

EDealMan is an adware program, so it will mainly generate and display commercial ads on your screen. In fact, this is not the only activity it will start performing after it enters your system. We have read the Privacy Policy available on the official website of EDealMan (edealman.club) and found out that EDealMan will collect such details as your IP address, browser, OS, and other technical details. In addition, it might record anonymous information about your browsing preferences and habits. It might send the non-personally identifiable information to other parties for “marketing, advertising, or other uses.” There is a slight possibility that your privacy will be violated. On top of that, you might end up on the websites with infectious contents after clicking on any of those ads provided by EDealMan. As you can see, EDealMan is not a program that should be kept on the system. If your system’s safety is a priority, get rid of EDealMan as soon as you can.

EDealMan is a rather prevalent advertising-supported application because it is available on edealman.club, users can download it from the Chrome Web Store, and it might enter systems without permission. As EDealMan comes bundled with other programs, they might have been installed on your computer too, so if you do not remember downloading EDealMan yourself, you should check your system’s condition by scanning it with a reliable scanner.

Adware programs are really prevalent, so it is a must to take care of the system’s safety if you do not want to encounter a suspicious program ever again. Our security specialists suggest that you install a security tool on your system. SpyHunter is one of those tools that will not disappoint you, so we suggest finding a place on your system for it.

How to erase EDealMan from PC

EDealMan is an extension which does not have an uninstall in Control Panel, so you will not be able to get rid of it via Control Panel. Do not worry; it is still possible to eliminate this program via the add-ons manager. Use our manual removal instructions if you have never tried doing that or simply scan your PC with SpyHunter.

Get rid of EDealMan

Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser and immediately tap Alt+F.
  2. Open More tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Find and select the extension that belongs to EDealMan.
  5. Click the trash button placed next to it.
  6. Click Remove.
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