Dorifel Virus

What is Dorifel Virus?

Dorifel virus, or XDocCrypt/Dorifel, is a malicious infection, which can reconfigure your system’s settings, remove administrative privileges and eventually encrypt digital data to make most of your system’s files inaccessible, with an illusion of being deleted from the computer. This irritating system’s state is supposed to make it impossible for you to remove XDocCrypt/Dorifel or even detect it running inside Windows. With this system’s corruption cyber criminals would be able to infiltrate such demonic applications as banking information stealing Citadel and Hermes Trojans, Keylogger Zeus, rogue antispywares or adware to either generate profit or use your name, contact details and personal accounts to propagate Dorifel virus across the web.

The distribution of the devious XDocCrypt/Dorifel is still quite indefinite; however, it is safe to say that this virus can come though the hijacked protocols of IRC, as well as infected CDroms and USB flash drives with an attachment of a “System Volume Information” folder. Once the file attachment from within this folder is ran, it is deleted from the system and replaced with a file with a randomly generated name. AntiSpyware101 research team has also found out that XDocCrypt/Dorifel is spread all over the world, including the Netherlands, the United States ands Philippines. The vicious virus is most likely to attack governmental agencies and large companies; however, regular home system users should also keep their systems guarded against the malicious Dorifel. The virus can use the vulnerabilities of network disks to be spread across the World Wide Web and is known to create communication to such remote servers as hxxp:// upon requests, which could allow additional malware installation to an infected computer. What is more, upon initial execution, the virus immediately reconfigures Microsoft Office documents, including those with file extensions .doc, .exe and .xls. Additionally, the latent infection copies itself to the Application Data folder and camouflages its truly malignant components under randomly generated filenames.

It is quite obvious that the infection’s main purpose is to attack operating systems and expose their vulnerabilities to infiltrate other devious infections. As mentioned previously, the Dorifel virus existence is based on the same botnets as Citadel and Zeus Trojans, which allows me to notify that if the infection is within your PC, your personal login and online banking data is at great risk of being stolen. If this is not the outcome you wish to face, XDocCrypt/Dorifel removal is the next logical step you need to take, and there is no way to stress enough how dangerous manual virus’ removal could be. Both expert Windows users and those with low level experience should immediately install a legal removal application to have the dangerous virus deleted from their computers.

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