MovieJunkies New Tab

What is MovieJunkies New Tab?

MovieJunkies New Tab is a potentially unwanted application and users caring about their online security should delete it without any hesitation. The program targets people who like to watch movies. It offers the recent gossips, teasers, and reviews. But in reality, the program comes with the search provider and modifies settings of your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Both the creators and developers of MovieJunkies New Tab have strong ties with, and the program is probably just another try to promote the search engine. Therefore, there are no benefits to continue keeping it.testtesttest

How does MovieJunkies New Tab act?

Your default homepage and search engine are now set to This is the very first thing you will find after installing MovieJunkies New Tab. Only then you will notice the tab itself, which usefulness is very questionable. It just transfers you to websites containing reviews and trailers of the latest movies. But you can simply go to those sites yourself, and you need no toolbar for this. The fact that it hijacks your browser alone outweighs all the pros of this application.

In addition, researchers working at have discovered that this toolbar is distributed by InMind, Inc. The latter company is known for such applications as ConvertBox Toolbar and Gaming New Tab. We consider both these programs unreliable. And there is no single reason to trust another application coming from the unreliable company.

Where does MovieJunkies New Tab come from?

The program is created by APN, LLC. Those letters stand for Ask Partner Network, so we can guess that the toolbar was created only for a promotion of an unreliable search engine. Its creators try different distribution methods. They even integrate redirect links that lead to the official site of MovieJunkies New Tab into pop-ups generated by various adware applications. Besides, this bad toolbar often comes packaged with software applications that you download and install somewhere from the Web. The program is not classified as a potentially unwanted application for no reason, and people usually have an opportunity to decline MovieJunkies New Tab. But they often are in a hurry to install the program they have downloaded that additional applications come to their systems even without their notice.

You should not keep MovieJunkies New Tab on your computer longer as the program will continue performing its shady activities. Moreover, you should not trust, as this search engine is no way reliable. It adds additional results on the top to your every query, and you may find yourself redirected to untrustworthy websites. Luckily, removing the unwanted extension from your browser will also help to restore your initial browser settings. You can eliminate the extension in a few simple steps you will find described below. But be aware of the possible presence of other programs that should not have a place on your system. For example, the adware application promoting MovieJunkies New Tab should also be removed. A legitimate antimalware scanner could detect all more or less harmful programs. And do not forget to constantly update the scanner, to be 100% protected against the latest threats.

How to remove the unwanted browser extension

Google Chrome

  1. Launch your browser and tap Alt + F.
  2. Select More Tools and go to Extensions.
  3. Click on the recycle bin icon near the unwanted extensions and then click Remove.
  4. Restart your browser to confirm the changes.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Start your browser and press Ctrl + Shift + A.
  2. Go to Extensions and remove the undesirable extension.
  3. Restart your browser to confirm the changes.
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