What is DealSquib?

If you ever happen to encounter a program called DealSquib, make sure to stay away from it at all times. Do so even despite various statements claiming that this program is a great tool to have for every avid online shopper because it should provide a ton of useful coupons, discount deals, promotional codes, and ads. If, in fact, you are a frequent online shopper, it might seem like a handy tool to have active on your PC. Unfortunately, there is a hidden catch that the users are not informed about. In most cases this adware program will only cause constant interferences while you are surfing the web. Additionally, our research team has discovered the fact that at times this unwanted piece of software could be the reason other similar programs can enter your operating system in an easy way. Make sure to delete DealSquib once it has been found up and running on your computer. This way you will be able to maintain your operating system safe and secure at all times. The rest of this report contains further findings about the functionality of this adware along with a detailed removal guide that you should use right now.testtesttest

What does DealSquib do?

DealSquib is not your typical adware application. It is important to note that once it enters your operating system and is fully installed, it will trigger a few fundamental changes within your web browser. Such features resemble features of a browser hijacker since the adware program in question changes your default new tab page and search engine whether you like it or not. These changes are annoying and frustrating as they will change the way you experience the web. This is so because as long as this invasive program is up and running on your computer you will not be able to use the search engine of your choice; instead, you will be forced to use the questionable one that DealSquib provides you with. If, unfortunately, you already have this adware active on your PC and these changes are already made, make sure to avoid the new search engine as it is a suspicious one, to say the least. During the research, malware experts at have found out that by using the newly appointed search engine you could end up on suspicious or even malicious sites. This is possible because you might be presented with results hosting redirect links within them. Thus, by simply clicking on them, you could be taken to a website, which could turn out to be hosting malicious software. Make sure to avoid such dangerous instance by executing a complete removal of this adware right now.

In addition, to these invasive changes DealSquib will also make your online miserable by presenting a vast amount of unwanted third-party web content. The adware implements a browser extension which it used to contact adware servers to present you with the unwanted ads, pop-ups, and coupons. The most annoying thing about all such content is the fact that none of the coupons, promotional codes, or ads are actually useful. All they do is flood your browser randomly, making your online experience a frustrating and annoying one. Make sure to avoid all the web content presented by DealSquib since ads and pop-ups could also turn out to be hosting redirect links within them, just like the search results. By now it should be more than obvious that this adware program, in reality, does not hold any kind of valuable features. It should be removed without second thoughts since using it continually could turn out to be disastrous, to put it mildly.

How to remove DealSquib?

It is imperative to delete every single bit of DealSquib to stop its intrusive functionality and regain the full functionality of your web browser. Additionally, you must be informed that at times this adware program could even act as a gateway for other invasive programs. Just a few leftover files could be more than enough for other malicious applications to enter your PC without a lot of trouble. In order to prevent such instance, you must analyze your PC in detail for potential leftovers associated with this adware. Since DealSquib affects only the Google Chrome web browser, you should check its main folder within the %APPDATA% directory. In most cases this adware host all of its files within that folder. If you happen to find anything related to it, do not hesitate to terminate it.

How to delete DealSquib from your PC

Google Chrome

  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Click the Chrome Menu button select Settings.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Click the Trash Can icon next to the unwanted extension.
  5. Select Remove to confirm your choice.
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