What is Certpolice.info?

Certpolice.info is an unreliable web page which could be used as a trampoline for ransomware creators. According to the malware researchers at Anti-Spyware-101.com, even though the name of the website suggests that it somehow represents the Police, in reality it is just another site related to pornographic content. Visiting this website could be extremely dangerous because it could be used to deliver malware. In fact, many relate the porn site to clandestine ransomware designed to lure out your money. Needless to say, you should remove Certpolice.info related malware if it has been infiltrated already. Whether you are looking for information related to virtual security or malicious software removal, this article will answer many questions you may have. Continue reading.

How does Certpolice.info work?

Even though in most cases ransomware infections are delivered by Trojans running on the PC, there is a family of ransomware threats which may be exposed to you via random links. Policeprotector.biz virus, Policesitewatch.org virus and AlmostPolice.co virus are the infections you need to be cautious about. As research has revealed you may activate these by clicking on corrupted links which could be placed on social engineering websites, online forums, via spam emails, etc. It is most likely that ransomware connected to Certpolice.info will enter the PC bundled with other malicious applications. We do not recommend interacting with the links, applications and installers promoted on this site. Note that the presented video codecs which supposedly need to be installed to view related videos could be fictitious and could carry multiple installers. This is an easy way for schemers to distribute malware.

If you have discovered redirecting to Certpolice.info, it is possible that malware capable of connecting to the Internet without your permission has been installed onto the computer. This malware could also be responsible for the abrupt system crashes. This is not something you should ignore because it could affect your operating system and even your virtual security.

How to remove Certpolice.info?

You need to delete Certpolice.info related malicious software without any hesitations because it is your virtual security that is on the line. The pornographic content website could trick you into downloading unreliable or even fictitious software which secretly may carry additional applications and malware. It is unfortunate but in most cases malicious threats enter the computers without any signal, which means that they can corrupt operating systems without any disturbance. Of course, if authentic and reliable malware detection and removal software is installed onto the PC, you do not need to worry about the clandestine malware infiltration. If malware is already running, you can instal this software onto the infected system to have all threats deleted.

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