What is Camking?

Camking is a Trojan infection which has been created by cyber criminals in Germany. The infection is also known as Trojan:Win32/Camking and it targets operating Windows systems. Luckily, the threat is not dangerous to the users of the latest Windows versions, as its main targets are Windows 2000, Windows 95 or Windows XP users. These are outdated just like the Trojan itself. According to virtual security researchers, Camking removal is not something computer users need to worry today, as it was most active a decade ago, back in 2005. If your Windows XP operating system has not received the necessary attention throughout the years, it is possible that certain malicious files are still installed and await removal.test

How does Camking work?

Like all malicious Trojans, Camking was set to enter the targeted operating systems in a clandestine manner. The creators of the infection could have used a number of different tricks and malware distribution methods to install the malicious program onto your personal computer as well. Spam email attachments, bundled downloads, social engineering scams and other devious tricks could have been used and is still used to proliferate malicious infections today. According to researchers, the only way to ensure that schemers cannot attack your operating system is to safeguard it with authentic and reliable Windows security software.

It has been discovered that files previously related to Camking Trojan could now be used to attempt unauthorized connection to a targeted computer. In the past, these files could have been used to connect to a webcam installed on the affected machine and record images captured via it. OSLoader.exe is one of these files and it usually is placed under %WINDIR%. An authentic executable with the identical name actually belongs to the Microsoft Corporation and is known as the Boot Loader. If you find the file, you should not rush to delete it because it could be the authentic component. There are several different ways to find out whether the executable running on the PC is malicious; however, it is best to trust an authentic security tool.

How to remove Camking?

Even though the malicious Trojan is no longer active, it is possible that you may need to delete Camking files which remain running. If you are not experienced with the detection of dangerous threats and you have no idea how to make sure that the removal is performed successfully – use tried and tested software. You can install SpyHunter to scan the computer, detect malicious software and then remove it. This automatic malware remover is updated regularly, which means that it can be used as a reliable Windows protector as well. Do you have more questions regarding your virtual security, operating system protection or malware removal? Do not hesitate to contact us using the comment box below. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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