Blekko Virus

What is Blekko Virus?

Blekko Virus is a computer infection categorized as browser hijacker. Blekko itself is a company that provides search engine service. However, the website comes with a number of affiliate sites that are being paid if they manage to foist on users the search engine. This scheme is especially useful for malware developers, as browser hijackers like Blekko Virus become instrumental in malware distribution. Therefore, it is rather troublesome that Blekko Virus resists being removed from your computer.

When Blekko Virus is installed on your system, it affects your Internet browser by modifying default homepage and search engine settings. Your homepage is changed into and even if you try to perform a search on a genuine search site (like Google, Yahoo or Bing), your search results will be hacked and filled with links to sites affiliated with Blekko Virus.

Also, be ready to receive a horde of pop-up advertisements. Since Blekko Virus monitors your browsing habits, you you are bound to become a victim of aggressive marketing, when the browser hijacker starts generating a lot of pop-up ads that supposedly relate to your overall habits and preferences (based on the gathered data).

The most important thing is to remove Blekko Virus from your system right now. The possibility to get infected with serious computer threats such as Trojans or fake antivirus programs is relatively high if this browser hijacker is on your computer.

We highly recommend downloading SpyHunter and removing Blekko Virus with our application. Automatic removal is an effective mean to get rid of this browser hijacker. Also, SpyHunter will restore your default browser and search engine settings, and you will not have to fix everything manually.

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Remove these Blekko Virus Files:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\blekko toolbars

Remove these Blekko Virus Registry Entries:

Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{3BD44F0E-0596-4008-AEE0-45D47E3A8F0E}

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