Beware bogus Java update

If you want to browse the web without facing any risks, you need to look out for beware bogus Java updates. The most recent scam based on the reputable name of Java is linked to the widely popular TV show Game of Thrones. According to the most recent statistics, the TV show averages at 14.2 million viewers per episode, and the numbers are likely to rise. All in all, there is no question why cyber criminals have chosen the name of the show to camouflage a seriously disturbing scam. Have you become a victim of the scam already? Unfortunately, this could have resulted in the installation of malicious applications, advertisement supported software, intrusive tracking cookies and other threats.test

The Game of Thrones Scam

Even though it is no news that Game of Thrones have been ordered for six seasons, you may face a link to an article reporting: ‘Game of thrones season 5 cancelled. Popular Drama Game of thrones will officially end at season 4. Read more here’. The bogus links to the non-existent article are likely to circulate in social networking websites, including Facebook and Twitter; however, you may find them in your inbox as well. If you click the bogus links, you may be routed to third-party websites related to different scams. Of course, in most cases the fake links will actually redirect you to a bogus page suggesting that you need to install a Java update in order to view the article. Here is an example:

Java Update!
It is recommended that you update Java to the latest version to view this page.
Please update and continue.

It is clear that the presented Java update is fictitious because you are offered to install Java Version 7 Update 25. Even if the update was authentic it is old and so there is no reason why you should install it. The bogus ‘Outdated Java Plugin Detected’ warning is presented with a completely bogus download button which may hide a bundled installer. If you do not recognize and beware of a bogus Java update, it is possible that MyPCBackup, Webget, PassShow, Laflurla, Conduit Search, Optimizer Pro, Findwide Toolbar, and other unreliable programs will be installed without any of your consent.

Virtual security risks related to bogus Java updates

Adware, Trojans, fictitious malware removal software, useless media player and other applications which may be installed onto the computer using fictitious Java updates may be extremely intrusive. They could spy on you, track data regarding your activity, maybe even collect personal information. What is more, they could be used for the infiltration of other, more clandestine and even more dangerous applications. Unfortunately, the knavish Game of Thrones scam is just one of the many you could face. Therefore, authentic security tools should be running and guarding the operating system at all times. This is the only way to ensure that bogus Java updates are blocked in time.

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