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Tinywallet ads

Tinywallet ads cannot be trusted, regardless of the information or offers they represent. adware analysts found the disturbing application to represent coupons, third-party software installers and various suspicious suggestions all linking to third-party sites. If you expect to find ready saving offers or discount codes, you should replace Tinywallet with more reliable and reputable software. Of course, in order to achieve this you firstly need to delete adware (advertisement-supported software) from the operating system. Do you know how to remove Tinywallet ads? It’s quite simple. All that you actually need to do is delete every single component related to the unreliable program. Does the operation seem complicated to you? Don’t worry because we can help. Read more »


Is Ello worth the hype?

The new social network Ello has already been given many names. Whether you know it as Ad-free Facebook or Anti-Facebook, it is clear which other social network people are comparing Ello with. And this is not without a reason. According to, has 1.28 billion active users, which makes it the most popular social network of all time. It is expected that different companies will try to dethrone the web giant, and some believe that Ello will be the next big thing. Why? There are a few different reasons; however, the first one is the element of “new and fresh”. Read more »


Despite being presented as a helpful tool, SiteRanker is just another undesirable adware helper which you will want to remove from the browsers. We have reported adware helpers many times in the past. Whether your operating system is affected by Wsys Control, BenchUpdater, Exerunner or any other disturbing application, you can expect the same activity. These applications are meant to collect information which reveals your browsing behavior and interaction with the associated software. Even though SiteRanker supposedly spies to gather more data about the sites you browse, we still recommend that you delete this adware. If you are already familiar with the program and you just want to remove SiteRanker – scroll down to the guides below. If you are interested in how the program works – continue reading. Read more »


Speedchecker, or TestSpeeder, is an irritating browser extension which promises to test your system’s speeds just so you would install it. Once activated, the program runs as an advertisement supported program and presents different online offers. If you do not remove Speedchecker, you will be introduced to a number of disturbing ads, and some of them may be highly misleading or simply disturbing. If you keep the suspicious application running, it is impossible to say what outcome you could face. It is possible that the displayed ads could redirect you to unreliable sites, push you to install intrusive or malicious software, and involve you in different scams. Due to this, we identify the removal of this adware as mandatory. Read more »

Vanilla virus

Vanilla virus is a term that has been selected to dub one ransomware infection that enters the system surreptitiously and blocks your access to the system. This name is used because the infection displays a ransom warning according to which the victim, i.e. you, has to pay a fine using Vanilla Reload, Moneypak or Reloadit, all of which are money payment systems. The term MoneyPak has already been used to refer to specific ransomware infections, but it does not mean that the payment service is somehow related to the creation of the threat. In the present case, the term Vanilla virus is used because it is a unique example of one more ransomware infection. This threat should be removed from the computer once noticed on the computer, and this recommendation applies to every single malicious program. Read more »

Framed Display

Framed Display cannot fulfill the promises to enhance your browsing experience, as stated on the official website, because the advertisement-supported program will bombard you with random offers which cannot be trusted. If you want the browsers you run flooded with random banner and pop-up ads promoting highly questionable and possibly unreliable offers, you can install this add-on; however, it is not recommended. If the program has been activated already, you should remove Framed Display right away. If you do not get rid of the disturbing application, more and more suspicious offers will appear on the websites you visit. Of course, if you delete the advertisement-supported program Framed Display, the disturbing offers will be disabled. Read more »


AdvanceElite is one of those suspicious advertising-supported applications that might enter the system without permission because they travel with various unreliable applications, especially freeware. The program itself is published by SuperWeb LLC; thus, it is not surprising that it acts in a similar manner as other programs that belong to the aforementioned company (e.g. Cling-Clang, Albrechto, Gooternet, and Surftatic). As the researchers of have found out, AdvanceElite will display various commercial advertisements on your screen. It is very likely that they will appear regardless of the browser you use; thus, if AdvanceElite manages to slither onto your computer, you will definitely notice its presence. You should better delete this program as soon as possible because it is not a very reliable one. In order to help you do that, we have provided the instructions that will allow you to erase AdvanceElite manually. Read more »


If you want to play premium games on, you will have to install an extension called ArcadeYum. It might seem very useful for those who enjoy playing online games; however, we still recommend being cautious because this extension is not as innocent as it might seem at first sight. Have you already noticed something suspicious about it? If it is exactly so, you should not hesitate to erase ArcadeYum from the system. Do not worry if you do not know how to do that because our security experts have prepared the manual removal instructions for you. Use them to get rid of ArcadeYum in a blink of an eye. Read more » is a search tool which may be categorized as a browser hijacker if it took over the running browsers without your knowledge. Of course, in most cases its installer is optional, and you can choose whether you want to install it or not. Due to this our researchers list it as a potentially unwanted search engine instead. Nonetheless, we still recommend that you remove from the browsers because the services related to the application may be unreliable. Furthermore, it is represented in a highly disturbing manner. Most computer users find it impossible to delete the search tool but only because they do not realize that the search tool affects the Target path. Luckily, there is a way to change the Target back and delete the undesirable Read more »

DivX Browser Bar Toolbar

If DivX Browser Bar Toolbar manages to slither onto your computer, there are no doubts that you will see a suspicious toolbar added to all of your browsers. In most cases, DivX Browser Bar Toolbar affects Internet Explorer only; however, there is still a possibility that you will encounter it if you use another browser. The browser plugin itself might seem completely decent and even useful; however, the search engine that will replace your homepage and search provider ( is not very reliable. Actually, there is a slight possibility that it will cause harm to the security of your system. Therefore, it is better not to use it. In order to be able to set your preferred homepage and search provider, you should get rid of DivX Browser Bar Toolbar as soon as possible. The manual removal instructions that we have prepared for you will help you to do that without any difficulties. Read more »