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SecureWeb is an adware application that promises to protect you from potential security threats while you browse the Internet. It certainly comes across as a reliable computer security tool, but the problem is that SecureWeb cannot be trusted. As an adware application, it exposes you to a variety of third-party websites that might be associated with various computer security issues. If you happen to have SecureWeb on your computer, you need to consider removing it at once. Please scroll down to the bottom of this description for the manual SecureWeb removal instructions. Read more »

Reverse Page

Reverse Page is an adware application that will turn your web browsing sessions into hell. It may not be a severe computer security threat, but it will certainly slow down your browser by displaying countless commercial advertisements. These advertisements are your biggest concern when it comes to computer security. You have to avoid exposure to unreliable third-party websites, so you must remove Reverse Page from your system at once. Please scroll down to the bottom of this description for manual Reverse Page removal instructions. Also, for any further questions, please leave us a comment. Read more »

Cyti Web

If you are seeing commercial advertisements while you browse the web, there is a possibility that Cyti Web is installed on your computer. The program is known to be an adware program; thus, it will bombard your screen with various commercial advertisements. Cyti Web is compatible with all the most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, it can be said that it does not differ from such applications as Cling-Clang, Albrechto, Gooternet, Surftatic, and Score Escape. In order to stop ads from appearing, you have to remove Cyti Web as soon as possible. Actually, it would be a wise decision because this program might take you to unreliable websites where you might encounter malicious software. Read more » Toolbar

Numerous questionable applications are able to make your browser function in a suspicious ways and one of those applications is known as Toolbar. This browser add-on is another installment of the Midnspark family of infections, which is infamous for browser add-ons such as PuzzleGames Daily Toolbar, MyWedding Adviser Toolbar, BetterBabyGuide Toolbar and quite a few others. Just like the mentioned programs, Toolbar must be removed ASAP, as it is a serious virtual threat, which should not be ignored. If, unfortunately, your PC is already infected with Toolbar, and you wish to remove it in an easy way, please read the rest of this article, as we provide a detailed removal guide. Read more »

Browser Good

Browser Good is an adware application that you installed on your computer willingly. You most probably were not aware of the fact during freeware installation, but the point is that Browser Good and other similar adware programs do not infect computers directly. They need user’s permission to enter a particular system, so it is obvious you have triggered the installation. On the other hand, that is no reason to keep this program on your PC. Adware apps are nuisances and potential security risks, so the sooner you remove Browser Good from your computer, the better. Read more »

SystemBytes Win XP 2015

If you cannot open any of your programs and just see a suspicious scanner on your screen, it is very likely that you have encountered SystemBytes Win XP 2015, which is classified as rogue security software. In most cases, users download and install it on the system after clicking on ads offering to check the condition on the system. If you have clicked on such an advertisement recently, it is not surprising that SystemBytes Win XP 2015 has managed to enter your system. It is very important that you get rid of this rogue security software as soon as possible because you will not be able to use your PC unless you delete it. It seems that it is not very easy to get rid of SystemBytes Win XP 2015; thus, you should read through this article in order to find out how to eliminate the infection. Read more »


BBQLeads promises its customers that it will search the web for the best offers. Unfortunately, this application is not the best or the most reliable tool that you can use. As a matter of fact, our researchers recommend removing BBQLeads, because this advertisement-supported program could expose your virtual security to different threats instead of actually helping you. We do not claim that BBQLeads is a malicious application, because it is not. In fact, the program itself, operated via the background service BBQLeadsApplication.exe, is harmless. But what may cause security issues is the interaction with the third-party content. As soon as the advertisement-supported program is installed, it will communicate with remote adware servers and begin displaying advertisements. Read more »


If you have detected WindApp on your system, you should remove it as soon as possible because it is known to be a Trojan. This infection can connect to the Internet without your permission, and it will start up every time Windows is started. In addition, it might cause serious security-related problems. Therefore, we recommend that you delete WindApp as soon as possible. Even though it is a serious infection, you will still be able to erase it via Control Panel. We understand that not everyone is experienced in malware removal, so we have provided the manual removal instructions for you. Scroll down to find them, but first you should read through this article. Read more »

Hot Deals ads

If you have started seeing commercials with a label Hot Deals ads, we recommend that you check the condition of your system as soon as possible because it is very likely that there is an adware or other suspicious program present on our computer. You should hurry to detect and remove a program responsible for the presence of Hot Deals ads because it is very important to stop those commercials from appearing. In the meantime, you should refrain from clicking on Hot Deals ads because they might lead you to malicious software. Unfortunately, it might not be easy to detect the unreliable program; thus, you should read through this article if you want to get rid of Hot Deals ads. Read more »


Even though ZenSearch does not look like a malicious program, researchers do not recommend trusting it. The application has been created to represent the associated search engine; however, it is far more intrusive than that. If you have downloaded the application onto your Google Chrome browser, you should be able to access the Permissions disclaimer. Open the extensions menu (chrome://extensions/), navigate to the suspicious extension, and click Permissions. The Current Permissions window will show up, and you will learn that ZenSearch not only can access your data on all websites, but also can manipulate privacy-related settings. Needless to say, this is the main reason why you need to remove ZenSearch from your operating system. It is also important to delete the search engine associated with this browser extension. Read more »