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Record Checker

Record Checker is an adware application that affects Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. This potential threat displays commercial ads when you browse the Internet, successfully interrupting your web browsing experience. You must remove Record Checker from your system because this application does not provide you with any useful function. In fact, Record Checker can lead to serious security threats, and you definitely cannot afford that. While you are at it, please make sure that you remove all the additional programs that might have arrived at your computer together with Record Checker. Read more » is an advertising server that used to be used by adware programs to display pop-ups. Our research shows that this server is no longer working, but, if you have noticed pop-ups from before on your screen, it is a sign that you most probably have adware on your computer. There is no way to remove from your system because this adware server is not an infection, but you should scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner since there is a good chance that you have adware and other potentially unwanted software applications installed. Read more »


Hdview is a Crossrider application that you need to remove from your Windows operating system. Our malware researchers have discovered that the application has several different versions, and these might be identified with different numbers attached to the program. For example, while one user will need to remove Hdview, another user might need to delete Hdviewv7.2.1 or Hdview+3.1. Despite the different versions, these applications serve the same purpose, and you can delete them all using the same removal strategies. Do you know why we recommend deleting this software? We believe that Hdview is an unreliable advertisement-supported program that can show misleading commercial advertisements. If you delete the program, it will stop showcasing these ads, and you will decrease the virtual security risks that you are likely to face. Read more »


CheapNEnjoy is yet another adware program known to be spread around the web lately. Numerous users report that they have their system infected with this annoying and invasive program. If you do find CheapNEnjoy running on your PC, removal is essential in order to keep your system clean and secure. Even though adware programs are more annoying than dangerous, you should know that malware experts at discovered that CheapNEnjoy could be the reason other potentially harmful applications could easily enter your PC. Read the rest of this article to find out how to completely remove CheapNEnjoy from your PC. Read more »

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key is a malicious infection that can bypass your system guard. This Trojan is used by cyber criminals to provide them access to your system and your information. You may not know that you are infected with Skeleton Key because this infection enters your system surreptitiously. To detect such malicious threats at the first stages of infection, you need to perform regular system scans with a licensed antispyware tool. This way, you will be able to remove Skeleton Key on time before it manages to cause any harm to your computer. Read more »

MediaPlay+vid1.1 Ads

If an advertising-supported application based on the Crossrider engine slithers onto your computer, you might start seeing MediaPlay+vid1.1 Ads. It is most likely that they will appear on your screen if you use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers. If you already see them, we recommend that you hurry to detect and remove the program generating these ads. It is very important to do that as quickly as possible because MediaPlay+vid1.1 Ads might expose you to threats and they will not allow you to surf the Internet freely. Actually, it might seem that ads cannot do anything bad for you; however, the situation is rather different in reality, so we suggest getting rid of MediaPlay+vid1.1 Ads as soon as possible. Read more »


HitTheLights is a computer application that promises to enhance your video-watching experience. If you have not researched the program and did not install it from, it is most likely that it has been offered to you via a third-party installer. Trusting these installers is never safe, because they could represent a bunch of unreliable programs that you, later on, will need to delete from your PC. Have you already removed HitTheLights after realizing that it is a worthless program that only displays ads? Unfortunately, it is possible that your troubles are not over. It is a must to examine your personal computer and delete the remaining threats or undesirable programs that simply use up resources for no good reason. This report will help you get rid of HitTheLights and remove the undesirable programs associated with the advertisement-supported program. Read more »


You might not even know that your system contains a new banking Trojan named Chthonic; however, if your security tool detects it, you should remove it without consideration. Chthonic is a serious computer infection that is similar to previously published banking Trojan Zeus. In most cases, this infection enters unprotected systems, so there is a possibility that your security tool is unreliable or you do not have one installed on your computer. Either way, you should get rid of Chthonic as soon as possible because this Trojan might steal personal information and perform different kinds of activities behind your back. If you want to get more information about Chthonic and its removal, we suggest reading through this article. Read more »


TheaterMax is an adware program that will enter your computer together with freeware applications. This program pretends that it has some useful features, such as improving your online video watching experience; however, TheaterMax cannot live up to such promises. You need to remove TheaterMax from your computer otherwise you will be bombarded with annoying commercial advertisements that will slow down your browser, exposing you to unreliable content. For that reason, you have to make sure you delete TheaterMax at once and don’t forget to get rid of other unwanted applications because you are bound to have some. Read more » is not a trustworthy search tool, and you should realize this the first time you use it. Even though you might expect the search engine to present search results, instead it simply redirects to the Google search pages. The search results do correspond to your search queries; however, the service is suspicious, and our malware researchers recommend removing mediators, and works like one. Of course, this is not the main reason why you must remove from your browsers. The suspicious search engine can track your virtual activity with the help of web cookies and then leak the collected data to unknown parties. As you can understand, it might be dangerous to have information about you and your browsing behavior tracked, especially if unreliable advertisers get involved. Unfortunately, they do. Read more »