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Despite the misleading name, we can assure you that BrowsePro is not an application you should use to make the online browsing more efficient or “professional”. If the program has been installed onto the operating system already, you should delete it without any hesitation. Of course, BrowsePro removal may seem disadvantageous if you trust the related services. These services are not as beneficial as you may think, and your trust towards them could be used against you. Note that you should be just as careful with KingThink, AppSuper, HasBrowse, and other disturbing advertisement-supported software (adware) designed by SuperWeb LLC. Make sure you delete these applications in time, and if you are not sure how to – refer to the removal advice within our report. Read more »


ExtraShopper is one more adware application that has been entering PCs of unsuspecting users lately. Quite a few users are tricked into installing the invasive adware application by dubious marketing strategies employed by the publishers of ExtraShopper. You are promised to be displayed numerous useful adverts and pop-ups that will help you save money while you are shopping online. Unfortunately, all the adverts, pop-ups, and coupons displayed are worthless, to say the least. Your browser will be flooded with adverts and surfing the web will be an annoying and frustrating experience. Furthermore, ExtraShopper is known to be related to other dubious applications. Therefore, if you wish to regain the normal functionality of your browser and secure your system against other suspicious applications, you will need to remove ExtraShopper immediately. Read more »


Olacarita is a browser add-on which is supposed to function as a shopping assistant. The program is programmed to display commercial offers so that you can find the best online deals and save your money. However, in addition to those shopping-related advertisements, some suspect advertisements are displayed by the adware program. It is important to mention that Olacarita does not endorse or monitor the sponsors of the program; as a result, you are responsible for your interaction with Olacarita advertisements. Read more » BreakingNews BreakingNews is an application closely associated with webpage. Many computer users download this software because it is capable of suggesting the hottest news. The application is completely legal and there is no need to remove it from the system if you have downloaded it from its official website ( However, you should be more cautious if it has appeared on your computer without your permission or if you have already noticed something suspicious about it. You will not experience any difficulties during the removal of BreakingNews if you have downloaded it from a reliable source; however, you should keep in mind that it is still advisable to check whether other unreliable applications are not hiding on your system. Read more »


Many advertising-supported applications pretend to be very beneficial because they want to enter the system easily and stay there as long as possible. SharkManCoupon is not an exception; it promises to help computer users save some money while shopping on such commercial websites as,,,, and others. Unfortunately, the application is not as useful as it might seem at first sight. The researchers of have carried out a research and found out that SharkManCoupon does not differ from other adware programs because it will just display various advertisements on your screen. SharkManCoupon is basically a useless piece of software; thus, its removal would be the cleverest solution. Scroll down and you will find the manual removal instructions that will help you to remove SharkManCoupon from the system. Read more »


SalesChecker promises to help you find your favorite goods at the lowest prices possible. It is an adware application that tries to pass for a useful browser extension. However, you should know better than to trust SalesChecker blindly. Chances are that this browser plug-in will NOT help you purchase the things you want because it is not responsible for generating the ad content. It is obvious that users are advised to remove SalesChecker from their computers as this application is not useful. Not to mention that you have to check your system for other potential threats as well. Read more »


Get-Styles is a computer program that changes the background of the social networking website, also known as ‘vkontakte’. This program is available at, which features numerous themes that can be browsed by categories. The Get-Styles program is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, and it is important to note that the program installs more than one browser add-ons. For example, the program installs Bob Helper 1.0.10, Express Tab 1.1.3, and HomePageGuard 1.0.10. If you have no intention of customizing the background of, you should remove these extensions, but keep in mind that it is not enough to disable them because their files remain within the computer. Read more »


GreatSaving is not an application that will present great savings when you browse the web. The official promotion representing the program is misleading, and you should not pay your attention to it. Overall, this information is meant to convince you to keep the application running, and this is not what researchers would recommend. What you should do instead is remove GreatSaving. If you keep the advertisement supported program running, there is no doubt that sooner or later it will present some sort of ads. Regardless of how attractive the offers may appear, interacting with these ads is not recommended. Continue reading if you need further assistance with the removal of adware. Read more »


Screentool is a potentially unwanted application that our computer security specialists categorize as adware. It means that, aside from its “official” services, Screentool may also display various types of commercial advertisements. Constant exposure to commercial ads eventually can result in particular computer security problems. That is why; we strongly recommend that you remove Screentool from your computer immediately. You may think that it is a useful tool that can help you make screenshots, but ad-supported programs are always somewhat risky, so it is for the best to avoid Screentool and other similar applications. Read more »


Zaxargames, also known as Zaxar, is a company that provides Internet users with multiple flash games, which can be played using a desktop program called Zaxar Games Browser. This program enables you to get back to games that you have already played; moreover, the archive of the games is updated every day. Another appealing feature of the program is that it works without Internet connection when a Zaxar game is fully loaded. Read more »