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VideoX is an application that, according to the statements within the official website, should make it easier for you to watch various videos online as it promises to load videos faster. These statements are nothing more than a trick to lure unsuspecting users into installing VideoX. The truth is VideoX is just one more annoying and worthless adware application that should be removed ASAP. Adware applications in most cases are the reason other internet based infections are able to infiltrate your operating system. To find out how to remove VideoX and how to secure your operating system from further infections read the article. Read more »


DoughGo is an application which boasts of an ability to save your money. Even though the services of this browser extension may seem attractive, researchers have discovered that the plugin is actually worthless. Even though the program is designed to gather information and use it to select individually targeted advertisements, in reality all that it does is allow third parties to place their own promotional content on the web pages you happen to visit. Of course, DoughGo removal is suggested to all computer users who have found the program running on their operating systems. Our malware researchers have investigated the application to discover more about its removal. Continue reading to find what we have discovered. Read more »

Network System Driver

Network System Driver is the uninstaller of a free ad-supported browser add-on called OffersWizard. You can find Network System Driver in Windows Control Panel, and you should get rid of Network System Driver if you want to put an end to annoying pop-up advertisements, web banners, interstitial ads, and other advertisements displayed by OfffersWizard. The adware program is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. These Internet browsers get afflicted by Network System Driver if you do not pay attention to the license agreement and privacy statement displayed by the installation wizard. You should be very attention when installing any programs, because the installer of a free program may provide you with optional program, some of which may be unreliable. Read more »

PC Health Care: Online Virus Scan System

PC Health Care: Online Virus Scan System is a fake scan page. We categorize it as an adware server, although you do not need to be infected with adware to receive this notification. There is also no need to remove PC Health Care: Online Virus Scan System from your computer because it is obvious that this scan is directly related to the website you are currently on. If you want to avoid annoying adware applications and fake scan results, you simply need to close the web page you have opened. The most important thing is not to panic. Read more »

Crypto Ransomware

Crypto Ransomware is a malicious infection which is equally as dangerous and disturbing as the previously reported Cryptorbit, CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, and similar threats. The devious infection is infiltrated illegally using drive-by download scams. The executable of the Trojan is often attached to the fictitious Flash Player installers. Users launch the malign setup without realizing it, and this is all that cyber criminals need to begin their devious scam. According to researchers, the infection adds the files to the registry to ensure that the ransomware auto starts with Windows. Read more »


Groovorio is one more ad-supported application which you may want to delete from your operating system. The program is suggested as a beneficial tool and is installed as a new tab on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. researchers have discovered that there is no download link on the official website Despite this, the application created by IronSource Ltd. has thousands of users all around the web, which means that it is distributed in some way. If you use Chrome, you may acquire the application from the Chrome Web Store. According to the information representing the offered extension, it is used by over 200,000 users and it has various privileges. Read more »

Browse Safe

Browse Safe is a free browser add-on which informs computer users about the security level of the websites which they are about to access. This browser add-on is an ad supported program; hence, it is regarded as adware and is removed from the computer by reputable malware and spyware removal programs. Browse Safe is akin to Start Savin, Saving Season, Sharp Savings, and some other adware programs, all of which show different advertisements when using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Read more »


SuperIntext is a free browser add-on that enables you to browse the Internet and look up a selected word on a search engine. The program is aimed at saving your time so that you do not have to open a new browser window or tab; however, this program may turned out to be slightly annoying because it is sponsored by multiple third-parties and displays in-line advertisements. Read more »


InfoSeeker is an adware application that is promoted as a browser plug-in. It is closely related to potentially unwanted program Westeroids, and our research team suggests that users remove InfoSeeker from their systems the moment they notice this application on their computers. The problem is that this application tries to pass for a reliable browser extension, but you should know better than to trust such a program. Take note that you will most probably need to remove other potentially unwanted programs from your computer as well – InfoSeeker seldom comes alone. Read more »

Onesoftperday Ads

You can expect Onesoftperday Ads to pop up when you browse the web or perform other tasks on your personal computer. There is no information about the program being installed illegally or bundled with other applications, which means that you probably have downloaded it yourself. If you are sure that the application was infiltrated illegally, post a comment below, and we will investigate the situation. All in all, even if you have downloaded the application yourself, it is most likely that you are ready to delete it. Needless to say, if you want to remove Onesoftperday Ads from the operating system, you firstly need to remove the application. Read more »