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You need to scan your operating system for CutterFunc if you notice that adware keeps regenerating after you delete it. Even though this adware helper does not work the same way in every single case, our malware researchers have discovered that the program has the ability to restore the settings and re-install the removed infections. Before you delete these infections, you need to remove CutterFunc, but not all computer users are aware of this, mainly because they are often clueless about the existence of this threat altogether. The suspicious adware helper can be installed silently, but more vigilant computer users should be able to find it via the Control Panel. Read more »


Sometimes adware might spread accompanied with assistant applications that help to prolong the existence of the main adware program on your computer. Remove BocaEdit, one of such “helpers,” because it was developed with only one objective in mind, that is, to extend the active period of adware for as much as possible. Having adware on your computer is not only limited to being constantly annoyed by advertising content it promotes. Advertisement-promoted applications might also be a part of the backdoor for malicious content to get access to your computer. Read more »


The advertisement-supported program ExtraProvider feeds users with false promises, and you should not believe that it will assist you in any kind of way. The unreliable application cannot produce beneficial offers, and it is much more likely to endanger your virtual security instead. Should you install this program on your operating system? Of course, you should not. If it has been installed already, you should remove ExtraProvider without further delay. The longer you ignore the existence of this threat, the more security issues you are likely to encounter. Note that behind every ad delivered with the help of ExtraProvider a malware installer could be hidden; so if you choose to trust the pop-up and banner offers, soon enough you might have a bunch of unreliable programs in line for removal. It is always difficult to delete malware, which is why we want to help you prevent it from entering. Read more » is a lousy search engine. It is so useless that our malware researchers have doubts if the search engine was ever intended to work as a beneficial tool. Considering that the engine has hundreds of clones, including and, it is likely that our researchers are not far from the truth. All of these search tools, commonly known as Websearch Hijackers, are identical, which raises suspicion. If a search tool was reliable and useful, there would not be hundreds of different versions of it released into the web. Of course, this is not the main reason to remove from your operating system. The reasons are far more pressing, which is why we recommend reading this article. Read more »

Torrent Search

As is clear from the name, Torrent Search is a program that promises to help users to find different kinds of files, including music, videos, and books, on torrent websites. The program adds a button to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It then opens the search engine, and users can search torrents conveniently. Unfortunately, the program is not as useful as it claims to be. There is even a possibility that you will download malicious software on your computer from torrents. Therefore, we suggest that you remove Torrent Search as quickly as possible. Read more »

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers on your Windows operating system can be affected by This is a suspicious search engine that, in some cases, is recognized as a browser hijacker. If you have discovered that the search provider has been installed without permission, and you are sure you have no just installed it by accident, you need to remove as a browser hijacker. malware analysts warn that most users install completely by accident when installing software bundles. Installrex installers and other third-party installers could carry the installer of the suspicious search engine, so you have to be careful to refuse it when you have the chance. Otherwise, you will have to delete the suspicious application. Read more »


SaveSys is an ad-supported program targeted at the Brazilian computer users. The application does not have a website, and it is not offered by reliable third-party software distributors. Unfortunately, it is likely that the suspicious program will be installed with the help of unreliable parties. SaveSys could be installed with other advertisement-supported programs as well as more malicious and clandestine programs. It is even possible that the installer of SaveSys will be attached to a bundle carrying the silent installers of malware. If this happens, it is absolutely necessary to delete the malicious programs before they cause any harm. Our researchers also recommend removing SaveSys, because this application is not as harmless as it might appear to be at first. Read more »

Visual Discovery ads

Clicking on Visual Discovery ads is not something adware analysts recommend. Even though it is highly unlikely that you would face serious risks every time you clicked on these advertisements, it is possible that you could be routed to unreliable sites and tricked into doing something risky. Just like FlashBeat and tens of other similar advertisement-supported programs created by Superfish, Visual Discovery is programmed to display advertisements whenever you browse the web. If you do not remove Visual Discovery ads, you can expect banner and pop-ups with the tag “Powered by Visual Discovery” to show up on your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox browsers. Unfortunately, you need to delete Visual Discovery ads not only to stop the irritating pop-ups, but to eliminate security risks that come with them. Read more »

Computer users who find installed as the home page of their Internet Explorer browsers without permission must recognize this seemingly reliable search tool as a malicious threat. In cases like this one, you cannot ignore the fact that something has been done without your notice and acknowledgment, because this is a sign of illegal, malicious activity. Our expert malware researchers at suggest that all users should remove Do you understand why the removal of this threat is so important? Even though does not look much different from legitimate search engines, there is no doubt that this browser hijacker has not been created just to help you browse the web. Read the report to find out why you need to delete the hijacker and what security issues you might come across. Read more »


Created by Delaware LLC, IntelliTerm is an adware application that provides additional information whenever you highlight the text with your cursor during your Internet activities. Remove IntelliTerm as it might not turn out to be as integral to your Internet experience as its developers want you to believe. Though this application may provide you with additional information like links to Wikipedia articles, Bing search results, translation suggestions, and a thesaurus, which are displayed in an in-page window, you will not find this tool useful enough to compromise the security of your system. Read more »