Author Archives: Max Lehmann is a search engine promoted by Secure Finder (a browser extension). Since this extension is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers only, a new search tool should be visible on these two browsers only. According to research recently conducted by researchers at, the biggest number of infected users live in India, Pakistan, Angola, Indonesia, and Brazil, but, of course, this does not mean that people from other countries are safe. No matter where you live, go to remove from your browsers if you ever discover it set there because, unfortunately, it cannot be called a 100% reliable search tool. Yes, it promises not to collect, store, or share personally identifiable information and protect user’s online privacy, but it does not seem to be true because it is powered by a suspicious search engine, which records all kinds of details about users. In fact, not all the people know that their homepages, default search tools, and New Tab pages will be changed to Also, they are not told in advance that all the search results will be redirected to Consequently, it is not at all surprising that people decide to remove the Secure Finder extension from their browsers. Specialists suggest getting rid of it too, especially if a user has not downloaded and installed this browser extension willingly. Read more »

Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up

Malware analysts have recently come across adware programs that render a window with Add If You Want To Continue Pop-up, which is the name of an adware server that hosts shady commercial advertisements. this adware server can pose a threat to your computer’s security. Removing the adware showing this server’s ads is highly recommended because it can promote content that can get your PC infected with ransomware and other types of Trojans. For more information, please read the paragraphs featured below. Read more » is an adware server, and unreliable third parties could use it to display all kinds of advertisements, offers, installers, and, of course, surveys. malware research team warns that the pop-ups linked to this adware server could be extremely misleading and even malicious, which is why caution must be exercised when interacting with them. In fact, it is best NOT to interact with them at all because it is possible that you could put your virtual security on the line by interacting with them. For example, if you clicked an ad with an embedded link to an unreliable website, malicious infections could enter your operating system without you even realizing it. Of course, there is always a possibility that harmless and even useful ads will be displayed using this adware server, but it is much more likely that it will be exploited in malicious ways. Needless to say, it is best to delete ads, and you might be able to do that only by removing unreliable software. Read more »


If you thought that only desktop computers and mobile devices could be infected by malicious viruses, better think again. Here comes Ploutus, a Trojan infection that affects ATMs! The point is, as long as any type of computer employs an operating system to run smoothly, that operating system can be compromised by a malicious infection. In this article, we will tell you more about the infection, and its main aims, as based on the research by FireEye. As you can probably tell, Ploutus cannot infect your computer, and perhaps that is for the best because the Trojan clearly aims to steal as much money as possible. Read more »

It is crucial to note that a program called holds no valuable features whatsoever. Remember this as you could come across claims stating otherwise; in some instances, this devious application might be advertised as a useful tool if you want to improve your online experience. While it could be tempting to obtain it, you must know that in reality this program has been classified as a browser hijacker. Therefore, it is not surprising that its overall functionality is pretty much the complete opposite of what it might be marketed for. Malware experts at highly advise you to avoid it at all times as having it active on your system makes surfing the web a much more annoying task. And if that was not enough, it has been discovered that in certain instances this hijacker could prove to be the main culprit for your system's subjection to potentially harmful web content. Make no mistake about and execute its complete removal by following the instructions that we present below. Read more »

If your browser’s homepage was changed to, then we want to inform you that your computer was infected by a browser hijacker. You should consider removing it from your PC as soon as possible because, apart from replacing the homepage, this hijacker will show commercial advertisements in the search results and collect some information about you to customize and personalize them. Unfortunately, its ads come from unknown sources and can compromise your computer’s security. Indeed, this hijacker is a potential security risk and if you want t find out more about it, please read this short description. Read more »

Hakunamatata Ransomware

Hakunamatata Ransomware

Hakunamatata Ransomware is an infection that can employ RSA and AES encryption algorithms to encrypt your personal files. The files are encrypted using a public key, and a private key is created at the same time. Unfortunately, this key is encrypted and stored in a remote location to make its retrieval impossible. According to researchers, this is what helps cyber criminals to force their victims into paying huge ransom fees. It is alleged that a decryptor would become available if the ransom was paid. Of course, it would be naive to say that everything said by unpredictable cyber criminals can be trusted. On the contrary, it is never a good idea to trust or rely on them. Unfortunately, there are not many options when it comes to this ransomware, and so you might end up losing your files. Hopefully, you can delete Hakunamatata Ransomware without a single worry about your files, and you can learn more about this in the report. Read more »

Kaandsona Ransomware

Kaandsona Ransomware

A new infection Kaandsona Ransomware was spotted at the beginning of January, 2017 by malware analysts. At the time of writing, Kaandsona Ransomware has nothing to boast about – its infection rate is rather small, meaning that this computer threat is not very popular. Of course, it might still end up on your computer and cause harm. Sadly, the entrance of this malicious application means that it will no longer be possible to open files. You will not only lose your pictures, videos, and music, but could also no longer access important documents. If we believe information that can be found on the window opened by this computer infection, files can be unlocked only by using a special decryptor. It can be purchased from cyber criminals. Unfortunately, all these promises to unlock files might be lies, so specialists are strictly against sending money to crooks. In case they do not send you the decryption tool, you will be left both without your money and your personal files. Read more »

Powered By Vidsqaure Ads

Powered By Vidsqaure Ads or simply Vidsqaure is advertised as a program that can help users “bypass Geo restrictions for websites you love!” According to its official website, this is why the software changes user’s DNS settings. However, while testing the application, our researchers at realized that the mentioned settings are altered to inject web pages you visit with third-party ads. Thus, despite what the software’s description says the only thing you can expect from it is lots of irritating advertisements. Consequently, Powered By Vidsqaure Ads falls under the classification of adware. We should warn you that its displayed content might be potentially harmful too, so you should try to avoid interaction with these ads as much as possible or better yet delete the threat. If you are up for this task, take a look at the instructions placed slightly below the article. Read more »

Erebus Ransomware

A new malicious program known as Erebus Ransomware has been discovered and is known to be roaming the web lately. It is yet another ransomware application which can cause a lot of harm. Basically designed by cyber crooks so they could profit illegally this application has the capability of locking data on an infected computer in a silent manner without requiring any kind of consent from the user. It goes without saying that such functionality cannot be tolerated. To find out more about devious inner workings of this malware, be sure to read our detailed report in which we provide our researchers' findings. Alongside such information, we also cover a few imperative virtual security tips that will allow you to keep your operating system fully secure at all times. Finally, you can find a comprehensive removal guide that will help you delete Erebus Ransomware in an quick and easy way. Read more »