Author Archives: Lisa Blanc is a new search page that can pose a threat to your virtual security with its potentially unreliable contents. Our malware specialists at has found that this questionable search engine belongs to a browser hijacker family that seems to give birth to a new child every other day or so. While there seems to be quite a productive and creative team behind these malware infections, a lot of these pages are sheer clones of each other or only the main themes, i.e., the available quick-links are different. You need to understand the risks of clicking on questionable third-party ads and links such a hijacker may present you with. If you would like to keep your system safe, we recommend that you remove as soon as possible. In order for you to be able to manually defend your system against similar attacks, you need to know how such a browser hijacker may appear in your browsers. Let us tell you the details before we share with you the solution. Read more » is a search tool that might be set on all your browsers (it is compatible with all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) without your permission. It usually replaces users’ homepages, default search tools, and New Tab pages; however, it might hijack all browsers’ shortcuts instead in order to automatically open for users when they open any of their browsers. It is the main reason it has been classified as a browser hijacker. If this dubious search tool ever changes your browsers’ settings, delete it no matter how it has managed to appear on your web browsers. If it is loaded for you because the Target line of your browsers’ shortcuts has been altered, you will need to fix those affected shortcuts first because it will revive again. Continue reading to find more about this browser hijacker and its removal. Read more »

EasyDirectionsFinder Toolbar

EasyDirectionsFinder Toolbar is a deceptive browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. We regard it as unreliable because it was set to hijack your browser’s homepage address and also serve various commercial advertisements of unknown origin. Removing it is highly recommended because, apart from showing shady ads, it will also collect information about you and use it for marketing and advertising purposes. To find out more about it, please read the information provided below. Read more »

R4bb0l0ck Ransomware

Malware developers consistently come up with new malicious applications. One of the most dangerous infections out there are ransomware applications. One of them is known as R4bb0l0ck Ransomware and must be avoided at all times. Programs of this classification are menacing due to their ability to encrypt vast quantities of data on the infected computer without any warning or authorization. This could put you in a terrible situation especially if you store work-related files on your hard drive. Malware experts at have conducted an in-depth analysis of this malicious application, and in this report, we provide their findings, mostly regarding its intricate functionality. To help users with less computer knowledge, we also provide essential security tips that will allow them to safeguard their computer. Finally, below we include a detailed removal guide that you must use immediately if R4bb0l0ck Ransomware is up and fully running on your personal computer. Read more »

Ogre Ransomware

Malware experts working at have recently detected a new infection Ogre Ransomware. It has been named after the extension it should append to files it encrypts - .ogre. Specialists are sure that this infection is a new crypto-threat, but, according to them, it is still in development because, at the time of the analysis, it did not encrypt a single file. It does not mean that users who encounter this computer infection can let it stay active on their systems because it might be updated one day and start encrypting personal files belonging to users. Files ransomware infections usually record are various pictures, images, videos, music, and other files, so if they are ever really locked, it will not take long to come across those encrypted files. Are you reading this article because Ogre Ransomware has already locked them all? If so, you must remove this infection from your computer as soon as possible. Do not pay attention to the message left on your Desktop because sending the money required might not solve this problem. Cyber criminals often take users’ money but do not give the key for unlocking files. It should be noted that the version analyzed by our specialists not only does not encrypt any files, but also does not require money from users. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that an updated version, if it is ever released, will not try to extract money from users. Read more »

Paysafecard Ransomware

Having a program that is known as Paysafecard Ransomware active on your computer could have disastrous outcomes, to put it lightly. Thus, if you ever happen to come across it while surfing the web, make sure to take all the necessary action to avoid it. It is important because just like any other ransomware program, this one can lock large quantities of data on the affected operating system. It should be more than obvious that every system must be protected from malicious applications that have such capabilities. To help you improve your overall virtual security, we compiled a few essential virtual security tips that will allow you to maintain a fully secure operating system at all times. Also, in our article, you will find further detailed information regarding the intricate inner workings of Paysafecard Ransomware, along with its comprehensive removal guide that you must use if, unfortunately, this malware is already active on your PC. Read more »

Decryption Assistant Ransomware

Decryption Assistant Ransomware is a new ransomware-type infection that is part of the Hidden-Tear ransomware family that also includes ransomware such as Kill Zorro Ransomware, Angleware Ransomware, and several others. This new ransomware is now being distributed, but the twist here is that it does not even work. Our malware analysts have tested it and found that it does not encrypt your files, and you could not pay the ransom even if it did. Therefore, you can simply remove this computer infection from your PC and carry on using it as normal. While this ransomware is not a threat now, it can be in the future as it seems that it has not been completed yet. Indeed, it is still in development, and it might actually encrypt your files in the future. Read more »

Crying Ransomware

If you ever discover a program that goes by the name of Crying Ransomware up and running on your operating system, make sure to conduct its complete removal without any hesitation. This is crucial since this application acts in an extremely aggressive and malicious manner. Programs classified as ransomware applications are capable of locking huge amounts of data on the infected computer without any notification or authorization. It goes without saying that such functionality cannot be tolerated, especially because it could lead to disastrous outcomes. If you are keen on finding out more about the inner workings of this malware, make sure to read the rest of our report as we present our research team's extensive and detailed discoveries. In addition to such information, we also present a few virtual security tips that will help you maintain a fully secure system along with a comprehensive removal guide that you must use without any hesitation to delete Crying Ransomware once and for all. Read more » is a questionable search website that can show up in your major browsers as your home page. This new search engine is not as new as you may think though. In fact, it is created by the notorious Polarity, LTD., who is also responsible for dozens of other infections that are either identical or very similar to each other. So if you find any of the previous products on your system, including,, and, you should not trust them for a moment. Our malware researchers at have classified this threat as a browser hijacker. Since this hijacker can sneak onto your system in questionable ways, chances are you will find other malware infections present as well. This search engine page may present to you questionable search results that may include unreliable third-party ads and links. All in all, we recommend that your remove from your computer as soon as possible. Read more »

CryptoMeister Ransomware

Our cyber security experts have recently analyzed a new ransomware-type computer infection called CryptoMeister Ransomware. This program was designed to encrypt your files and then ask you to pay money to decrypt them. Needless to say, paying the ransom is risky as this ransomware’s developers might not decrypt your files once you have paid. All they care about is extracting money from you, and they are not concerned about what will happen once you do. Therefore, you ought to remove it. This particular ransomware is tailored to French-speaking computer users so if you live in a French-speaking country, then you may want to read this article. Read more »