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Kindest Ransomware

The name of Kindest Ransomware is quite confusing, and the purpose of this threat is even more so. This infection encrypts the files found on the infected operating system just like any other ransomware threat, but it does not request for a ransom in return of an allegedly effective file decryptor. On the contrary, this threat informs that your files were encrypted only to bring awareness about ransomware. malware research team suggests that maybe this threat was created by someone who is testing the abilities of ransomware, and, unfortunately, it does not look like the decryption of the corrupted files is possible. That being said, you might be able to save your files, and to learn more about that, you should keep reading. We also discuss the removal of the malicious ransomware, and you must eliminate this infection as soon as possible! If you only care about deleting Kindest Ransomware, check out the last section of this report, as well as the instructions. Read more » is presented as a powerful search tool for users, but we can assure you that it is not. Instead, it is another browser hijacker released by Polarity Technologies Ltd. It must be true that this company creates all its products using the same template because they do not differ much from each other. As for, it shares similarities with such search tools as and We are not talking only about the interface here. is also usually set on users’ browsers without their knowledge. Frankly speaking, it has been categorized as a browser hijacker because of that. Users whose browsers’ settings have been changed to automatically launch should go to undo these modifications as soon as possible. Its deletion is recommended because it is not a reputable website that can be fully trusted. In addition, it must be eliminated so that it would be possible to set a new website as a homepage. Read more »


RegistryCleaner (might also use the Pcobserver name) is an application that has fallen into the category of rogue registry cleaners. Our malware analysts have discovered it recently, so its infection rate is still quite small, but, of course, this might dramatically change soon because a page ( it can be downloaded from exists, and, on top of that, it might be distributed in software bundles, specialists working at say. No matter where users get RegistryCleaner from, they usually do not rush to remove this scanner from their computers because it, at first sight, looks quite decent. Evidently, it tries to convince users that it is a powerful registry scanner/cleaner because it imitates the system scan when users click on the blue Scan button they see. Needless to say, its scan results cannot be trusted – they are completely fake. Because of this, RegistryCleaner has been classified as a rogue registry cleaner. Delete it without consideration and replace it with a scanner that can be trusted. Read more »

Microcosm New Tab

If you notice that when opening a new tab in your Google Chrome browser the Microcosm New Tab appears, you should know that there is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) on board. This potentially risky browser extension could be installed via software bundles that could contain malicious programs apart from other PUPs. Of course, you can also download this application from official sources but finding such a tool spreading in questionable ways raises some questions about its reliability. Our malware specialists at say that this PUP might introduce you to questionable third-party ads and links as well as manipulated search results which all can make your computer more vulnerable. We do not claim that this extension is the most severe danger you can encounter; still, we recommend that you remove Microcosm New Tab from your PC because it may not be as beneficial and reliable as it might seem to you. Please read our full report on this PUP if you want to understand our verdict better and if you want to know how you can avoid similar or even more dangerous threats. Read more »

Quick Search

Quick Search came to our attention when we noticed it being distributed with a browser hijacker called As we tested the extension, we saw it might change user’s browser preferences and provide him with a doubtful search engine that might display modified results. These qualities and some other reasons we will explain later in the article allowed us to categorize the tool as a potentially unwanted program. It means the software is not malicious, but it may have undesirable qualities and its usage could be possibly dangerous. For more information about Quick Search we encourage you to read the rest of our report, although if you wish to get rid of the application immediately, you could slide below the article and remove the extension with our provided manual deletion instructions. Read more » is a questionable tool that we advise you to avoid at all times even though it is advertised as a great tool. Its developers present it as an application that should improve your overall online experience as it should present you with an enhanced ability to search the web. While it might seem like a tool worthy of having active on your PC, you should know that in this application has been classified as one more potentially unwanted program that you should avoid at all times. It is important to do so because the questionable program is fully capable of making invasive changes to your web browser's default settings without any notification or authorization. Find out more about the inner workings of this suspicious program by reading our report. Alongside such important information, we present a detailed removal guide that will help you delete in just a few simple steps. Read more »

NetSurf Ads

NetSurf Ads are potentially harmful third-party advertisements disguised as best deal offers and coupons triggered by webshops. In other words, when you are doing your online shopping, you may experience an annoying flow of pop-up offers claiming to show you the lowest possible prices available on the web. Unfortunately, our malware researchers at say that this browser extension is just another adware application that is actually a perfect clone of Enhance Pro and Pro Flip, which have hit the web also recently. You need to be very cautious while online because you could be bombarded with all kinds of unreliable offers when landing on fake online shop sites, malicious pages, or when your computer is infected with adware. Since such an infection can litter your screen with potential threats, spy on you, and hijack legitimate third-party contents as well, we recommend that you make sure that your PC is clean of any possible malware programs. We advise you to remove NetSurf Ads as a start to recover your system from this infected state. Read more »

Adblocker For Youtube

Adblocker For Youtube may not be a harmful application, but our specialists do not consider it trustworthy either since they classify it as a potentially unwanted program. Software that falls into this category usually has undesirable qualities, which make the user want to get rid of the tool. In this case, it was noticed the extension might be spread with similarly unreliable freeware. Plus, even though it should work as an ad blocker, there is a chance the application itself could be showing third-party advertisements. Therefore, we advise you no to trust Adblocker For Youtube and read more about it before deciding whether it is a smart idea to leave it unattended. Those who are already determined to eliminate it, we advise you to follow the deletion steps available below this report. Of course, if you wish to get to know this potentially unwanted program better, we urge you to keep reading the article. Read more »

Kill Imme

Kill Imme is a severe threat that you should take seriously because this vicious attack may cost you most of your important files. Once this ransomware program infiltrates your system without your knowledge, it targets your images, videos, text files, and archives to encrypt them and thus take them hostage. It is obviously all about the ransom fee that you are supposed to pay in order to be able decrypt your files. However, our malware specialists warn you that you should never forget that you are dealing with cyber crooks who may not care about your encrypted files any more than getting your transfer. Since these criminals demand thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoins for your files, you should think twice what your next move is going to be. We believe that the best solution for you is to remove Kill Imme from your PC immediately after you realize its presence. Please continue reading our article to find out how such a major threat may have sneaked onto your computer and how you can possibly defend your PC from similar nightmares. Read more »

Malabu Ransomware

Has Malabu Ransomware encrypted your personal files and added the “.fucked” extension to them? If this is what you are dealing with, you are in big trouble. If your most sensitive files are all backed up, you might be able to evade big issues, but if you had not taken care of your files before encountering this ransomware, you might be facing permanent loss. Although a decryption key should become available after you pay a ransom fee, malware research team warns that it is much more likely that you would be left empty-handed. Do you want to lose your files and your money? If you do not, you need to be very careful about how you handle the situation. If you are only interested in deleting Malabu Ransomware, check out the instructions below, but remember that identifying the launcher file can be complicated. If you want to learn more about your options and the threat before you remove it, continue reading. Also, note that you can add all of your questions to the comments box. Read more »