What is Alureon?

Alureon, also known as Tidserv, TDSServ or DNS Changer, is a family of deceitful and surreptitious Windows Trojans. The devious program is composed of various malign components which can be dropped onto the computer via tens of different security gaps and loopholes. If you are not sure how the infection entered your computer, you may need to think about your recent activity. Have you opened spam email attachments? Have you used the USB drives of secondary computers? Have you installed files from illegal sources? All of this could lead you to the unwanted activities of a Trojan. team recommends having Alureon deleted instantaneously, and the provided information will help you achieve successful removal in no time.

Malignant Alureon components

Dangerous files which are infiltrated onto the operating Windows system without your knowledge can be found in different locations. Nonetheless, it is most likely you will be able to detect them under %TEMP% and %WINDIR% directories. In fact, it is unlikely you will be able to find and delete these malicious files because they can paralyze your PC and system utilities which are meant to alleviate manual removal tasks. Mirs.exe is one of the files which may disturb removal as it can implement rootkit functionality and hide Alureon. Additionally, explorer.exe can remove access to Task Manager and Registry Editor or even disable safe mode! Jucheck.exe can reconfigure Windows Security Center and create a new background service so that you would not be warned about PC threats.

Once Alureon is disguised against removal operations, it can be employed for malicious cyber criminals’ scams. Flash_update.exe can create connection to remote servers and AutorunRemover.exe can read/copy the content of the web pages you browse. You should be extremely careful with svchost.exe because it is responsible for downloading malware and has the capabilities to infect USB drives so that Alureon is spread to other systems. If these files manage to steal your passwords/usernames, the malign raidhost.exe and winlogon.exe can connect to personal IM accounts and use your name to spread malware using social engineering tactics.

How to remove Alureon?

Needless to say, you need to remove Alureon as soon as you notice first computer running dysfunctions. Can you perform manual removal? Such rootkit Trojans as this one are nearly impossible to detect and remove. Moreover, they move faster than you think. Therefore, if you attempt to remove Alureon manually, it is most likely you will fail and waste important time. suggests getting rid of the infection with the help of automatic removal software. SpyHunter is a great choice because it can delete rootkits and guard you against schemers’ attacks in the future. Click on the download button to install it now, and post a comment if you have any issues.

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