What is alg.exe?

Originally, alg.exe is a legitimate Windows operating system file whose process is visible in the Windows Task Manager. The file is located in the System32 folder, and if you find this file in some other location, it implies that it is a dangerous file, which should be removed from the computer. The file alg.exe, also known as Application Layer Gateway Service, is one of the components of Internet Connection Sharing and Internet Connection Firewall. The file enables the computer user to connect to the Internet, so if you end the process, Internet connectivity will be lost until the next restart. If you were to check alg.exe in the Task Manager, next to the name of the process you would find that the file is used by the local service. If the user is different, it may indicate that alg.exe is used by some malware or spyware.

Counterfeit alg.exe on your PC

When find that alg.exe is located elsewhere than in the System32 file, you should scan the system for malware. There is a Trojan horse called W32.Tufik, which is installed as alg.exe, and which attempts to download files from two malicious domains. The infection creates two threads each of which has different functions. One of them downloads files, whereas the other infects files. When W32.Tufik connects to a remote address which is used for sending commands, the infection may be employed for deleting or copying files, obtaining file information, and so on.

The malicious alg.exe file may also be used for sending attackers the information collected by some key loggers. Moreover, you may notice that your internet browsers are not working properly. When you find some system alerts concerning the suspicious file, implement a spyware removal tool which is powerful enough to detect the malicious file. You may be informed that alg.exe requires access to the network, which is highly possible when running, for example, the Windows firewall and some third-party firewall software, so if you want to prevent further notifications, disable the Windows Firewall.

How to remove malicious alg.exe?

If the computer already contains a malicious file which is named alg.exe, it means that some other computer infections may be present within the system. Our expert team recommends that you implement SpyHunter, a real-time anti-spyware program, which is powerful enough to eliminate multiple computer threats. The application will examine the system thoroughly and remove computer infections, which will save your time and allow you to browse the Internet safely. Various malware and spyware threats will be fought off easily, so do not wait and act now. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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