What is Adware.Whilokii?

Adware.Whilokii is an adware program that is not extremely dangerous by itself, but in a long run it may become a cause of a serious computer infection. This application basically functions as a browser extension and it displays a lot of pop-up advertisements and other third party content. Although it is more annoying than dangerous, it should not be allowed to remain on your computer, as it could display malicious third party content that eventually leads to malware infection. Scan your PC with SpyHunter free scanner and then remove Adware.Whilokii along with other potentially unwanted programs from your system immediately.

Where does Adware.Whilokii come from?

The installation file for Adware.Whilokii is usually bundled with software applications that are available for download at third party websites. For example, if you download freeware at Softnotic, cNet and similar websites, be aware of the fact, that these websites are not official distributors of software, and the installation files available at these pages are often bundled with additional freeware. Sometimes users are informed about it during the installation process, sometimes they are not. In case of Adware.Whilokii, you most likely install it on your computer accidentally, during the freeware setup process. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to each and every installation step, as you may be informed about the additional software you are installing.

What does Adware.Whilokii do?

It has been mentioned already that Adware.Whilokii is not a malware program. For what it’s worth, this adware application, more often than not, is categorized as potentially unwanted program. That is so, because the program supports commercial ads that are displayed in various forms on your browser – pop-ups, pop-under, search box, additional bar, in-text ads and so on. These ads are displayed in order for you to click them (obviously) and help people behind them make money.

The risky factor related to commercial ads displayed by Adware.Whilokii is that the program is not responsible for reviewing the content of third party ads, and so even malevolent third parties may embed their own content into these ads, consequently potentially exposing you to malware infection.

How to remove Adware.Whilokii?

Although malware infection is not a definite outcome of Adware.Whilokii’s installation, you cannot rule out this possibility. Do not take any risks and remove Adware.Whilokii from your computer right now. If you are not sure which program this adware application came with, run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner to find out. Take note, that removing freeware applications will most probably not delete Adware.Whilokii from your computer.

Therefore, acquire a powerful computer security tool that will terminate Adware.Whilokii for good, and consequently protect your PC from similar unwanted programs. Do all it takes to safeguard your system from harm. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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