CrossBrowser is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which accesses the operating system alongside freeware programs, including PicColor, VuuPC, WordProser, and some others. The CrossBrowser program is an Internet browser based on the Chromium platform, which means that the interface of the browser is very similar to Google Chrome, which very often confuses computer users. Our team at recommends that you remove CrossBrowser from the computer, and, if you are not familiar with the characteristics of this program, keep on reading to find out why you should not delay removing it from your PC. Read more »


TyphonApp is an application whose purpose is to render commercial advertisements in your browser window. Removing it is something you should consider because it will generate money for its developers and owners who will continue to produce and use similar applications down the road. It is important to understand that online advertising is in most cases is not a transparent business as it is prone to involve people who want to promote malicious content. Hence, this seemingly trivial application can severely compromise your computer’s security. Therefore, we invite you to read this whole article since it contains valuable information about this adware. Read more »

If you travel a lot and need a useful tool with quick links to websites that provide interactive maps and directions, browser extension might come up as a choice; however, our malware researchers would like to warn you that this tool is quite unreliable, to say the least. Having this extension in your browsers may indicate that your computer has been infiltrated by a browser hijacker. Of course, it is also a possibility that you have installed it knowingly, but it is still a browser hijacker since it can change your browser settings. This hijacker seems to modify mainly your home page and new tab page settings and it affects Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome as well. Leaving this browser hijacker active could lead to multiple exposures to potentially unreliable third-party web content. If you do not want to let more malware infections onto your computer or get scammed by cyber criminals in other ways, we suggest that you remove as soon as possible. About the whys and hows, please learn from the rest of this article. Read more »


Users are promised that RobustCleaner can remove invalid registry entries and junk files, optimize the performance of your computer, as well as tweak the memory “for maximized performance.” These promises are extremely attractive because they are used for luring you in. If you install the free version of this useless program, its creators will have a chance at convincing you to install the Robust Cleaner Pro. Although this version of the PUP (potentially unwanted program) promises to speed up your computer, clean Internet cookies, and even help you back up and recover files, you should not invest in it. researchers have found that the price for this unreliable optimizer goes up to 139.99 USD, and that is ludicrous. In reality, this program is not worth any of your money. Instead of investing your money and time in it, you should remove RobustCleaner as soon as possible. Read more »

EasyPhotoEdit Toolbar

EasyPhotoEdit Toolbar is a browser plugin that should help users to access tools for editing photos and pictures. In addition, this software should help users to upload, store, and share images. At first glance, EasyPhotoEdit Toolbar looks like a really beneficial program. Therefore, many users who take pictures and edit them think that it will make this work easier for them. Unfortunately, the majority of users decide to remove EasyPhotoEdit Toolbar after a short period of time because it is definitely not as beneficial as it claims to be. In fact, it only provides links to other web pages, e.g., Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, etc. There is a risk that you will be redirected to an untrustworthy web page after clicking on any of those buttons, so it would be best to go to these websites directly. Of course, it is not the only reason why users decide to erase EasyPhotoEdit Toolbar. Some of them simply find the toolbar really annoying because it applies changes to browsers and appears at the top of all the browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) after the installation. Read more »

Safer Internet Day

I don’t know if you are big on social networks, but I have an account, and these guys ask you a random question every single day. This morning, they wanted to know what “good vibes” I have to offer to make the Internet a better place. Well, what would you know: It’s the Safer Internet Day 2016 today, and so various platforms and companies celebrate it in multiple ways. Read more »

RackCrypt virus

Being hit by RackCrypt virus is probably the worst nightmare you can experience if you do not have backup copies of your most important files on an external HDD or pen drive. This is a serious Trojan crypto-ransomware that uses AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt all your major files. Once this infection has finished with its “dirty job,” it displays its ransom note that informs you about the situation and what you have to do to recover your files. Obviously, this is all about money. The criminals behind this malware ask for 1.3 Bitcoins (approx. 480USD) in return for the decryption key without which it is practically impossible to decipher the files. Although you might be unlucky to lose all your files, it is still vital for you to remove RackCrypt virus from your operating system; otherwise, it will keep encrypting all your new files. According to our malware researchers at, it is not worth wasting this high fee on criminals because you cannot be sure that your files will really be decrypted even if you pay. Of course, it is all up to you. But please consider who you are dealing with and how trustworthy these people can be. Read more »

Video Tile

You may find it irritating to have to change among browser tabs or windows to watch multiple videos, so a program like Video Tile could be of great use for you; however, we must warn you that this application is not at all what it may seem. As a matter of fact, our malware specialists have categorized it as an adware program because of its main function, i.e., showing annoying third-party commercial ads. It is possible that you do not consider ads harmful and that you have a number of adware programs on your computer for this reason. Nevertheless, it is our duty to tell you that adware can pose a threat to your virtual security since you may be presented with potentially unreliable ads and web content. It is also quite likely that this adware arrives with a bunch of other malware infections on board. Therefore, you cannot afford to waste time if you want to protect your privacy and your computer as well. You should remove Video Tile and eliminate all other possible threat sources as well. Read more »


WeatherWizard is not your average weather app. Our malware researchers took a good look at this program after receiving numerous complaints and now they recommend everyone to remove it since this program features an undesirable additional function of displaying a fake Blue Screen of Death error. However, this error only appears as such, because WeatherWizard does not actually provoke it. This application is not considered malicious, but we do not recommend keeping it either, especially since its fake BSOD promotes a certain phone number “for technical support.” So it is plain to see that it is a scam program. For more information about it, please read this whole description. Read more » is a browser hijacker that usually enters computers without the permission of their owners. Although this should help them realize that this hijacker is a malicious threat that requires urgent elimination, not all of them address the situation appropriately. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to interact with the suspicious search tool and the results provided by it. If you do, you will be at risk of encountering unreliable content, and your virtual activity will be tracked. If you do not understand why this is dangerous or why you need to remove, you can find all answers in this report. Our research team has analyzed this threat, and we can answer the most important questions about it. Where did this hijacker come from? What can it do? How does it work? How to eliminate it from the Windows operating system? Read more »

HydraCrypt Ransomware

HydraCrypt Ransomware can hide behind any spam email attachment, corrupted link, or malicious software bundle. This devious infection has been developed by experienced cyber criminals who know what they are doing, and you can expect them to employ different security backdoors for the distribution of this devious infection. Unfortunately, this threat is extremely clandestine it is initial stages. This infection can creep into your system and copy itself to a different location to initiate the encryption of your personal files. This way, even if you eliminate the original launcher of this malicious ransomware, it can still initiate malicious processes. According to our research, this ransomware can copy itself to %APPDATA%, %TEMP%, and %LOCALAPPDATA% directories. Note that this infection can create folders and hide within them. Unfortunately, it takes just 10 to 20 minutes for this ransomware to encrypt your personal files, and removing HydraCrypt Ransomware cannot solve this problem. Read more »