is an unreliable search engine that can take over the popular Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox browsers, due to which we identify it as a browser hijacker. Even though it might seem as if the unreliable search engine is just a funny version of the Yahoo Search, we can guarantee you that it is not. If it were, we would not advise removing from your browsers! It is necessary to delete this hijacker because it can present links to third-party sites, and researchers warn that not all of these sites can be trusted. Read the report to learn more about and the removal process. Read more »


Do you expect OfferApp to provide you with discount codes, shopping coupons, and beneficial offers? Well, this is what most computer users expect when they install this program on their Windows operating systems. Are you sure that this program has been infiltrated without your permission? Our researchers here at do not reject the possibility of this suspicious program entering operating systems without permission, but this is not something they discovered while testing this threat. It is more likely that you will need to remove OfferApp from your operating system if you download it packaged with a bunch of other programs. Do these programs require removal? It is difficult to say, but it is most likely that you will have to delete OfferApp-related malware. Read more »


OfferSoft is an annoying adware application that will not allow you to browse the Internet the way you are used to. The program will spam you with commercial advertisements that supposedly display various discount offers and online shopping coupons, but you will do yourself a favor if you remove OfferSoft from your system as soon as possible. This application could be easily misused in a malware distribution scheme, so in the worst case scenario, having OfferSoft on your computer could lead to a dangerous malware infection, and you most certainly want to avoid that. Read more »



Identified as a potentially unwanted program, MediaPlayerZ seeks to enter target systems in order to display third-party advertisements. It is crucial that you remove this program, because the commercial content it introduces to your web browser can prove to be dangerous. Accessing the featured links might reroute you to malware distribution sites or marketing schemes set up by malicious entities. All in all, the longer you delay to delete MediaPlayerZ from your machine, the bigger is the risk that the vulnerabilities of your system will be taken advantage of. Read this report that provides more information about this program and all the risks it might expose your PC to. Read more »


DealsRuS is an advertisement-supported program that might be installed on your PC using a different name just to circumvent removal. All computer users who have downloaded this program need to delete it from their browsers regardless of which name it uses. If you do not remove DealsRuS, you will have to worry about encountering highly unreliable advertisements every time you decide to surf the web. Our malware experts have found that DealsRuS advertisements can be extremely misleading. Do you want to encounter ads that seem to promote reliable services, but end up hiding malware installers or devious phishing scams? If you do not, you need to remove this adware. Read more »


SalePrizes is just your average adware application that requires removal as soon as it is located on your operating system. Do not be fooled by the hoax marketing strategies that might be employed to popularize this adware. Usually, SalePrizes is advertised as an excellent tool that should improve your online shopping experience. In reality, this adware will not improve your online shopping experiences in any way; in fact, it will do the opposite of that. In addition to being annoying. SalePrizes could turn out to be quite malicious as well. Malware experts at have crafted a comprehensive removal guide, which should be used immediately. Read the rest of this article to find out why the removal of SalePrizes should be your utmost priority. Read more »

SuddenlyMusic Toolbar

SuddenlyMusic Toolbar

If you have noticed a suspicious third-party toolbar within your web browser, it is a strong indication that SuddenlyMusic Toolbar is active on your PC. You must know that SuddenlyMusic Toolbar is a malicious browser add-on that should be removed without any hesitation, as it could turn out to be a major virtual threat. This Internet-based infection does not hold any beneficial value, even though it is advertised as an excellent tool to help you download your favorite songs, their lyrics, their karaoke versions, etc. It might sound like a good tool, but, unfortunately, this is just a hoax marketing strategy used by the vendors of this program to trick users into downloading and installing an utterly worthless program. Malware experts at have crafted a removal guide that is easy to use and should be executed immediately. Read more »



SmartWallet is an advertising-supported application that might seem very useful for those computer users who often shop online because it promises to help them save money. Actually, we do not recommend expecting much from this program because it is known to be an advertising-supported application. If you do not know what they do, you should know that they show different kinds of ads on a user’s screen. SmartWallet is no exception, so you will see ads on different websites if you install it on your system. In order to get rid of those ads, you will have to remove SmartWallet from your system. Keep in mind that the ads will not disappear if you change your browser because SmartWallet is compatible with all the major browsers. Read more »


AppSave is a completely useless program because it shows nothing but advertisements on a user’s screen, which means that it will definitely not act in a useful way. Of course, it is up to you what to do with this useless program; however, we think that you should remove AppSave right away because this program might even cause harm to your computer. If you want to find out more reasons why you should delete AppSave, you should definitely read through this article. We will not only provide you with more reasons why you should get rid of this software, but will also explain to you how to remove it. Read more »


As the title suggests, CouponsMachine is an advertising-supported program that feeds coupon deals and discount offers to your web browser. We strongly advise that you remove this program, because the functionality of this program does not stretch beyond the showcasing of commercial content. CouponsMachine is the main reason you are seeing additional ad content on commercial (Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, etc.) and other affiliated sites. However, it does not mean that the promoted links will not find you the sites where you least expect it. All in all, we are sure that sooner or later you will start dreaming about the days when you could enjoy your web surfing without being annoyed by pop-ups or banners begging for your attention. To restore your browser to the previous condition, and thus eliminate all the risks CouponsMachine might present, delete this program from your PC right now. Read more » is a search engine that will become your default homepage if you get infected with a browser hijacker. Browser hijacking refers to a particular malicious activity when your default browser settings get modified without your permission. You need to remove from your system as soon as possible, and for that you will need to invest in a legitimate computer security application because it might not be possible to delete all the malware-related files from your computer manually. It is especially relevant if you are not an experienced computer user. Luckily, you can protect your PC from the likes of using reliable antispyware tools. Read more »